Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Release: I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories

Title: I Kissed a Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories
Includes short story "Things The Go Hump In The Night" by Elizabeth Black
Paranormal erotic lesbian romance
Edited by Regina Perry
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Publish Date: 2011-03-22
Word Count: 50,957
ISBN: 9781607773993
Price $4.99

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Our readers asked for it, and now we're pleased to present Volume II of first-time lesbian encounters inspired by Katy Perry's hit song! Seven returning authors continue to arouse, plus six new authors will not disappoint.

This diverse collection travels the globe and the ages. No two settings or circumstances are alike, proving that women from every walk of life and culture are curious and eager to explore their full sexuality...with each other. You will be titillated, tantalized and swept away as you:

* Journey to Australia, where two long-time friends discover more than friendship

* Fly to Hawaii, for a language lesson interrupted

* Stop in Costa Rica, for a massage in a tree house

* Travel north to Alaska, where strangers connect

* Across Canada, to discover how co-workers release tension

* Over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where a concert is more than guitars strumming

* Close your eyes to wander into a mythical kingdom, where women take charge

* Voyage to historical Italy, to discover things are not always what they seem

* Jet back to the heat of Miami, and be entranced by a goddess, before exploring the rest of the USA to discover a host of erotic lesbian encounters!

Join us as we trot the globe and enjoy out-of-this-world experiences!


"Turn off the light."

"Who are you?" She whirled around, looking for the source of the voice but finding nothing.

The voice sounded young, like a woman barely out of her twenties, and it sounded like chimes singing in the wind. The young invisible woman spoke with a plea in her voice, as if she was afraid Bridget would flee, and fleeing was first and foremost on Bridget's mind as her heart pounded in her throat. She fought an urge to bolt from the room and run downstairs to surround herself with living, breathing people.

"I'm not going to hurt you. Please turn off the light."

"I'm not turning off the light. Who are you?"


Bridget stood in front of the couch, frozen. Her teeth chattered, and she clenched her jaw to make them stop. A chill descended over the room, making her shiver. She wished she had a blanket so she could stay warm - and hide.

"C'mon, tell me. What's his name?" the voice said.

"Who are you talking about?"

"The guy you're mad at. No woman comes to a hotel room alone with

two unopened bottles of wine unless she has man trouble."

"He's my boyfriend … er, ex-boyfriend … and what's it to you?"

"I saw you crying earlier, and it made me sad. What did he do to you?"

Why am I talking to someone I can't see? This is insane. Bridget looked around the room, trying to make sense of her predicament. Even in the dim light she could see she was alone. Her breath burst from her lips in a cloud in front of her mouth. Her body shivered and was covered with goose bumps. Afraid, she froze where she sat, wondering what lay in store for her.

"Well? What did he do to you?"

The bizarre nature of her position blew Bridget’s mind but she couldn't help but answer. Her unseen roommate's gentle tone of voice lured her out. Bridget had felt a strong urge to dump all her sorrows on anyone who would listen, and her invisible guest made herself available. So what if she was a ghost? She was an eager and attentive audience.

"He cheated on me. And today's my birthday. I'm pissed," Bridget said as she stood up to stretch. Lying on the couch had given her a body cramp.

"I can't believe he did that again, after he’d promised he wouldn’t bed anyone else after the last time."

"You mean he has a history of cheating on you?"

"Yes. This is his third time."

"And you stayed with him? What a poor choice! You deserve some punishment."

Thwack! Without warning, pain gripped her left butt cheek. Bridget whirled around, looking for her unseen confidante but seeing no one. It was one thing to talk to someone you couldn't see, but there was something exciting about being touched by an invisible entity. The hand that spanked her was small but strong. Bridget wondered what else her ghostly roommate could do with that hand.

"What was that for?"

"You need to be spanked, and badly. Making such poor choices. Did you toss him out yet?"

"No, but—"

Thwack! The painful smack that traveled from her butt cheek to slam into her pussy, making her feel strangely aroused.

"Stop that!"

"You don't need him, someone who cheats on you and treats you like dirt. On your birthday, no less. I know exactly what you need."

"And what might that be?"

"You need me."

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