Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Holiday Story - In The Doghouse

Here's a new seasonal book released just in time for the holidays! Make sure you pick up "The Naughty List". My story "In The Doghouse" appears in this fun and festive anthology.


Nicky and Angela had just begun to add a little kink to their lives when, caught up in the influence of his dudebros, he forgot their anniversary and broke Angela's heart. Angela wants Nicky's strong arms around her again, but first she wants him to fight for her. Can one night, a paddle, and some restraints bridge the gap between them?


We had gone to a very risqué party she had discovered from the kink web site Fetlife. A dom named Lady Tyrana took a liking to us, and she gave us an intense Beginner's Lesson in the proper use of a feather and paddle. She told me I was a natural sub and Angela was a switch. We chose the safe word "chocolate". I doubted I would need to use it. The experience was shiny and new to me, and I was hooked from the onset. Angela tied me face-down to a four-poster bed, and then with Lady Tyrana's guidance she tickled my arms with a feather. My skin jumped at her touch. Being restrained made the experience all the more excruciating. As I struggled against my restraints, she ran that feather over my inner thighs. I hovered between the abyss of sheer agony and the heaven of unlimited bliss. My heart beat so hard I could feel my pulse in my temples. I was beside myself with pleasure the likes of which I had never before experienced. When she took away the feather I groaned with disappointment.

Then Lady Tyrana put a paddle in her hand. The paddle had a hole in it and the word "BRAT" written on it in big, bold red letters.

"Tell him what you told me," Lady Tyrana said.

"I'm mad at you because you spend more time with your friends than you do with me." Angela said.
"I –" I said.

"Silence, slave!" Lady Tyrana said in an authoritative voice. "You are not to speak unless your Mistress says you may."

I nodded. Angela's plan was very clear.

I was a naughty boy, and I needed to be punished.

The moment that paddle struck my right butt cheek for the first time, I writhed in ecstasy. Pain and pleasure were inexorably intertwined. I craved more torture with an intensity I had not known I possessed. Angela delivered it with Lady Tyrana's help.

My orgasm in the party's dungeon was the most intense I had ever had.

I bought a paddle, plush cuffs, and a bottle of massage oil at the party fully intending to use them, but life got in the way. I worked overtime for the next week, and Angela was called in to work over a weekend. I fell back into my routine of hanging out with my buds playing "League Of Legends" for hours on end. Then I forgot our anniversary and her birthday. The delight of a stinging swat on the behind became a figment of my past.

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Happy holidays, everyone! Enjoy.