Friday, December 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #19 - Filthy Leuker

This is my nineteenth Six Sentence Sunday. The six sentences are from Filthy Leuker, the latest in my Feral Heat erotic bisexual werewolf series. This novella is one hot read!

Charlotte dipped her finger in her Tuaca and rubbed it around her mouth, pursing her lips with the promise of much more. She pulled a pair of dice out of her back pocket of her jeans and rolled them in her palm. "What do you say we play with my Sex Dice?"
"What are Sex Dice?" Luke looked so open and na├»ve Sam wanted to hug him.
"He's adorable,"Charlotte brushed her fingers against Luke's arm, making Luke double-take at her bold gesture. 
Feral Heat (novella) and Fluff The Master (short story) are part of this series. Filthy Leuker also includes my bisexual characters Lina and Charlotte from my short erotic story Neighbors, published in the Vamps anthology by Torquere Press. You may find information about these three works in my links at the top of this web site. Feral Heat has its own link. The other two are in my Short Stories and Free Stories categories.  Feral Heat is for sale (and I recommend you read that one first) and Fluff The Master is a free read! Yes, you read that right. FREE READ! Got a Kindle, iPad, or Nook for Christmas? Get some Christmas cash? Buy my books with your loot!

For more information about Feral Heat, go to this link:

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This story includes Lina and Charlotte, my two lesbians from my story Neighbors, published by Torquere Press in its Vamps anthology in 2009. 

For more information about Neighbors, go to this link:

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Enjoy and have a very happy holidays and a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Winners Of Recent Contests

The winner of my contest held in Beth Wylde's Yahoo group is...

Peggy Adams

The winner of the Christmas Blog Hop contest is...

Teresa Tio Miller

I've contacted both winners via e-mail. Congratulations to you both. Thank you to everyone who visited my blog for the blog hop. Also many thanks to those who visited Beth Wylde's Yahoo group yesterday during the Midnight Seductions chat.


Elizabeth Black

Friday, December 16, 2011

Filthy Leuker - Welcome Blog Hoppers!

Welcome Blog Hop participants! Leave a comment with your email in this post and you're eligible to win a copy of one my two series novels, Feral Heat or Filthy Leuker: Feral Heat 2. Good luck!

Filthy Leuker continues the story of Sam Hightower and Grant Newsome, my bisexual werewolves from my novella Feral Heat. You may also find Sam and Grant in the free read Fluff The Master, published by Romance Divine in itsExplicit Encounters anthology.

Title: Filthy Leuker                                                   
Release Date: 09 December 2011
Publisher: Romance Divine
ISBN: 978-1-935757-49-8
Author: Elizabeth Black  
Format: E-Book
Length: 12,438 words   66 pp (PDF)
Genre: Erotica
Category: Erotica, Fetish, Paranormal, Werewolf, Gay, Male Male, Bisexual, Multiple Partner
Price: $4.99

Buy links for Filthy Leuker:

For more information about Feral Heat, go to this link:

For more information about Fluff The Master, go to this link:

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This story includes Lina and Charlotte, my two lesbians from my story Neighbors, published by Torquere Press in its Vamps anthology in 2009. 

For more information about Neighbors, go to this link:

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Erotic author Elizabeth Black is back. And she brings with her those lusty, bisexual werewolves/stagehands from her hot and sexy Feral Heat. This time Grant and Sam have their eyes on the show’s luscious male dancer: Leuker. To keep it all interesting, the lithesome ladies, Lina and Charlotte, are also along. It’s a paranormal, erotic, anything goes FIVE-some. Blame it all on…Filthy Leuker.


Sam Hightower's pulse raced at the sight of ripped abs and muscular thighs. The man who flowed across the stage with such little effort looked so much like his lover, Grant Newsome, that Sam blinked his eyes a few times to make sure his vision wasn't playing tricks on him. Who's the god with the rapt attention of every man and woman in this room?

The two men could have been brothers. Grant's twin wore his hair at shoulder length, thick and full, with tendrils falling in his shining green eyes. Those eyes are emerald green, so green they glow like an aurora in winter. His face bore the same smoldering look of extreme concentration. This man would snap at Sam, turning on him in an instant if he interrupted his train of thought, much the same way Grant grumbled if he did the same thing. Each twist of his hip and roll of his shoulder enhanced the earthy lust his meager leotard couldn't contain. The dancer strutted amid his shorter and less stellar-looking partners bringing a flush to Sam's cheeks. He moved with a grace Grant lacked, but animal magnetism oozed from every pore. Tall and majestic, he glided across the stage is if his feet didn't touch the ground, his elegant form so beautiful he took Sam's breath away.

"Sorry, luv, you're a day late and a dollar short. We've already had him," that sultry and husky feminine voice jarred him from his daydream. Charlotte stood before him with her arms akimbo, hip thrust outward, giving him a cheeky grin. Dressed in tight black jeans and a tighter black tank top that squeezed together her huge breasts, she twisted her bee-stung lips in an amused grin that she once again bested him in the fucking department. "His name's Leuker Pearce and he's a stallion in bed."

"I'd love to pierce him."

"You might be able to," Lina said. The quieter of the two women stood behind Charlotte, her arms wrapped around the gutsier one's waist. Quite the virago, Charlotte's lusty nature thrilled Sam on the few occasions they found themselves in bed together. Or in the back seat of his car. Or those two times in the catwalks with their groans echoing throughout the theater. Charlotte preferred women to men, but Sam enjoyed her touch and smell too many times to count. He teased the woman by sneaking up behind her to grab her boobs. She retaliated by bursting unexpectedly from behind road boxes to squeeze his cock. Despite the sex play, they were buddies more than sex partners.

She and her lover Lina settled in Portland after years traveling on the road. Amazed at how much the two looked alike, he admired their sleek arms and hands, strong from years of painting sets. They could be twins – or doppelgangers. Harbingers of doom. And now his lover's twin writhed before him, making love to the stage as he twirled and leaped. Imagine the fivesome we could have. It would be like something out of a Penthouse letter!

"He swings both ways," Charlotte said. "I can see a hot little threesome there; you, Luke, and Luke's evil twin. You need to be adventurous. You now how much I love adventure."

Should he mention his fantasy fivesome? No, not just yet… "So you noticed the resemblance, too?" Lust tingled the hairs on the back of Sam's neck. That beautiful creature moved like a majestic elk in the Alaskan high country. "What kind of name is Leuker?"

"It's Dutch. He goes by Luke. It's also his middle name. Says his first name is horrible."

"And 'Leuker' isn't?"

Her deep, throaty laugh reverberated amongst the flats. "He told me it's his mother's maiden name. Says it means good-looking."

Sam gawked at the tight ass and strong legs that sashayed across the stage. "Can't deny that."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Welcome Guest Blogger K D Grace

My novel, The Pet Shop, is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The fairy tale and my retelling of it are both stories about seeing the true nature of a person with all their flaws and neuroses, and loving them anyway. They’re both stories about trusting someone enough to allow oneself to be loved in spite of those flaws and shortcomings. Tino/Vincent is both beautiful and beastly, and Stella learns to love both. But a part of Stella’s journey to love is also discovering and embracing her own dual nature.

A part of what makes humans both heartbreakingly beautiful and terrifyingly dangerous is the way we embody that dual nature. We’re not simply ‘a little lower than the angels,’ but we’re also the animal who once raced across the savannas of Africa. Our genetic make-up is not all that different from our animal cousins. And no matter how much we pretend otherwise, no matter how much we try to separate ourselves and tart ourselves up to be ‘more than,’ we can never be truly human unless we embody and balance both parts of that duality.

In the fairy tale, the beast is fierce and frightening, but I chose to add a bit of kink and make my beast a human Pet because there’s nothing that must be more trusting or more at the mercy of humans than a pet. And part of what we love most about pets is that we’re allowed to stroke the lion when our cat sits on our lap, and we’re allowed to walk with the wolf when we take our dog out for a romp. I think it’s more than just that brush with wildness that intrigues us so. I think it’s that the very ancient part of our nature resonates with that wildness and on a level almost older than memory, we still feel it.

Sometime in our history a taming occurred and wild animals trusted us enough to become our friends. In doing so, they tamed us a little as well. At some point in every true love relationship the same thing happens. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to trust, vulnerable enough to truly reveal ourselves flaws and all. We allow ourselves to be tamed. The beauty of such a relationship is that we go willingly to that place of tameness, but we take our wildness with us because in a true love relationship, the wildness is as much a part of us as our willingness to lay with our head in someone’s lap. And it’s as much loved. That’s what I wanted to convey in The Pet Shop. The story is not just Beauty and the Beast, but it’s also beauty in the beast, the two in balance, both tame and wild, each necessary for the other, both essential for wholeness.


In appreciation  for a job well done, STELLA JAMES 's boss sends her a pet – a human pet. The mischievous TINO comes straight from THE PET SHOP complete with a collar, a leash, and an erection. Stella soon discovers the pleasure of keeping Pets, especially this one, is extremely addicting.

Obsessed with Tino and with the reclusive philanthropist, VINCENT EVANSTON, who looks like Tino, but couldn’t be more different, Stella is drawn into the secret world of The Pet Shop. As her animal lust awakens, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the more dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences.


She was halfway back to her car, feeling stupid and self-conscious, when a strong arm slipped around her waist, and a familiar scent filled her nostrils. She looked up into Tino’s dark eyes.

‘What are you doing here?’ It still came as a shock to hear Tino speaking.

‘I saw your picture in the Oregonian.’

‘So you thought you’d just drop in.’

‘You are Tino, aren’t you?’

He picked up the pace. ‘Tino’s not here.’ With his arm around her waist, he guided her away from her car to a waiting limo.’

She didn’t protest as he opened the door and helped her inside, sliding in next to her. Then he knocked on the privacy window and the driver took off.

‘Seems a strange vehicle to bring to a nature reserve,’ she said.

‘I didn’t bring it,’ he said. ‘But you can’t go back in what I came in.’

‘Then you have to be Tino, or you wouldn’t have --’

He covered her mouth in an insistent kiss. ‘What?’ He spoke against her lips ‘You think I wouldn’t notice the sexy English bird distracting me from the all the other birds.’ He teased her lips apart, sparring with her tongue, making her insides feel like warm toffee. She was relieved to hear no anger in his voice.

She came up for breath. ‘But how else would you -- ’

He nipped and tugged on her lip. ‘Tino’s not here,’ he whispered against her mouth, slurring his words with the flick of his tongue. ‘There’s just Vincent.’

‘What are you, schizo then?’ she let out a little gasp as he nibbled her earlobe then the hollow of her throat.

‘Didn’t you take psychology 101? We all have more than one person living inside us, Stella.’

He kissed her again, and his hand moved up the inside of her thigh and his fingers slid aside the crotch of her thong.

‘Did you wear these for Tino, hoping he’d take them off with his teeth?’ He raked the hood of her clit with a heavy thumb, sending a jolt of heat radiating out over her belly and down through her slit. ‘Because I won’t bother. I’m not here for your entertainment.’

‘I never thought that you were,’ she said, giving him an ineffective shove with the flat of her hand. But he took her mouth again, and the way his tongue invaded and withdrew and invaded again, the way his fingers teased and retreated and teased again made her stop thinking about… well everything, really.

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K D Grace lives in South England with her husband and a back garden full of free-loading birds. When she’s not writing, she practices extreme vegetable gardening. The plan is take over the world with veg plots. It’s the veg plot plot.
She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. This August she and her husband walked the Coast to Coast rout across England. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots.
She believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she, cuz otherwise, what would she write about?
She has erotica published with Xcite Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, and Scarlet Magazine.
Her critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, and The Pet Shop, both published by Xcite Books.
The first book of her Lakeland Heatwave trilogy, Body Temperature and Rising, is now available in all eBook formats. Available in paperback February 2012.
Website: She’s also on Facebook and Twitter.