Monday, June 25, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Charisma Tryst

My little Charisma Tryst, from California Exotics is the perfect travel companion. This delightful vibrator is made of soft ABS material, so it's skin-safe for my use and enjoyment. The tip is curved so it hits my G-spot perfectly. The ribbed shaft gives me extra stimulation as it massages my lips and vagina.

I like all ten speed, vibration, and pulsation patterns, especially the steady purr and the fast tapping. To turn the vibe off I just press on the button at the base, hold it down for a moment, and the vibrations cease. This vibrator is very easy to use. Pop in one AAA battery and it's ready to please me!

Best of all, it's perfect for travel. It's tiny - only about three inches long. I travel to writer's conventions often and I like to go out of town for mini-vacations. I can't take a huge, honking vibrator with me. Imagine the looks I'll get from TSA if an agent pulls a foot-long purple glitter dildo out of my luggage. Ha! So this vibrator, which doesn't even look much like a vibrator, is perfect for me. I put it in a side pocket and it slips through check-in as easily as it slips inside me.

This is a very pretty and compact vibrator. It comes in pink or black, and I have the pink one. The silver band around the base gives it a classy look. This powerful and quiet vibrator is perfect for my bed stand or for my suitcase when I travel.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happily Ever After – The Allure Of Erotic Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have quickly become a very popular form of storytelling. Witness the popularity of American television shows such as Grimm and Once Upon A Time. Erotic fairy tales have always been popular but I believe they are experiencing a resurgence in popularity right at this moment. I've even seen submission calls for horror retellings of fairy tales. Imagine Snow White running into seven zombies or Rapunzel being one of Lovecraft's Elder Beings locked in the tower to keep her away from the townspeople.
I've loved fairy tales for a very long time, and I'd wanted to write some erotic versions of them. My first was published by Scarlet Magazine about five years ago. It was entitled Happily Ever After, and it was about poor Cinderella's dull marriage to her handsome prince. Her sex life sucked! Her fairy godmother was a man who looked like something off an erotic romance novel cover. Long blonde hair, physique as firm as a mountain, and cheeky to boot. He taught Cinderella a lesson she'd never forget.
It took a few years for me to pen another erotic fairy tale. That story is Purr, my short erotic version of Puss In Boots, one of my favorite fairy tales. This story is only a portion of the Puss In Boots tale. Below is information about it. You may find an excerpt on my web site's Purr category (also listed below).

Name: Elizabeth Black
Title: Purr (Based on "Puss In Boots")
Publisher: New Dawning Bookfair
Genre: Twisted Fairy Tale
Size: Short Story
ASIN: B005407APY
Cost: $2.99


The alluring puss in boots Muca aspired for her master to become the richest and most respected man in the land, but her job was cut out for her. Could she convince the local farmers to trust in her against the vicious ogre who ruled the region?

Buy Links:

New Dawning Bookfair:


I've decided for the first time to self-publish. This summer, I will release two more erotic fairy tales. Climbing Her Tower is my smutty retelling of Rapunzel. Trouble In Thigh High Boots is my long smutty retelling of Puss In Boots. Both of these novellas are quite kinky. I introduce two very erotic fetishes in them. I won't say which fetishes. You'll have to read the books to find out!
And now, a treat! Here is an advance excerpt from my soon-to-be-released erotic fairy tale Trouble In Thigh High Boots. This scene is when Puss (she is a cat/human shapeshifter named Tita) shifts from cat to human form in front of her master for the first time. She helps him to dress her in her leather garments and signature thigh high boots. After all, she is Puss In Boots. This novella is my longer erotic version of that fairy tale. It covers the entire fairy tale, not only a segment like Purr.

Unsnapping the corset in the back, she wrapped it around her torso, fastening the snaps until it held her in a tight embrace. The underwire demi-bra lifted her full breasts, leaving them exposed for his pleasure. Twin globes begged for his touch. Nipples erect and rosy red, the more she admired his aroused state, the darker the warmth grew that spread from her cheeks to her sternum.
Not content to leave things as they be, saunter over to him, and stretch across his lap, she wanted to take her seduction one step further. She reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of elbow-length black suede gloves so slowly she felt as if she did a striptease for him but in reverse. Do you like my little dance, my pet? How often does a woman seduce a man by putting on her clothes rather than taking them off? The gloves slid onto her arms like a second skin. Soft and luxurious, she relished the feel of the treated leather against her sensitive skin. Without her fur and skin exposed to the elements, her body felt every breath of cool breeze that flowed around the cottage. Goosebumps rose as she pulled the gloves onto her bare arms, and her body shivered with delight. She felt every touch of soft fabric and brush of air on her sensitive skin for several hours after shifting into human form since her body was unprotected by her thick layer of tawny fur when she inhabited the body of a cat.
Once the gloves were in place, she pulled out of the knapsack a leather collar adorned with brass studs. The ruby crystal hanging from the center ring caught the light of the room, bending it in refracted beams all colors of the rainbow. She snapped it open, and held it out as if questioning whether to place it around Dylan's neck or hers. As Dylan reached for it, she pulled her arm back.
"This one's for me." She cocked her head in his direction while a cheeky smile spread across her face. "Would you like to put it on me?" She teetered in her stiletto heels, swinging her hips as she took a few steps towards him. Without warning, he reached for her waist and pulled her into his lap. His erection poked at her thigh, and she knew he couldn't get much bigger without bursting. She placed her collar in his hands, and guided him by the wrists to place the device around her long neck. Warmth emanated from his body and from the hearth, but the warmth from his body felt sharp and thrilling. Amid his sweat and the odor of freshly mown grass on his clothing, she inhaled deeply to take in his masculine scent. As she pressed her face into his unkempt brown hair to take in his full flavor, her breasts brushed against his cheek. Fingers gripped each breast like a vice, twisting them out of the demi-bra with such force that a mewl of agonized pleasure rose from her solar plexus. When his mouth found her right nipple, she arched her back to accommodate his desire as much as her own. When was the last time a virile man had taken her so forcefully?

Keep an eye on my Facebook wall and my Twitter page for updates regarding when Trouble In Thigh High Boots will come out. I'm releasing it during the summer. If you like hot and smutty fairy tales, this one is for you! And don't forget Climbing Her Tower, which will be released at the same time. Rapunzel wants out of that tower very badly. By the way, that horrific Lovecraftian Rapunzel I described earlier in this article? I'm writing that one for a horror call. Here are my Facebook and Twitter links to keep track of my progress and release dates:

Remember, there is always a happily ever after ending, even for the zombies. ;) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuesday Tales - An Excerpt From "Secrets And Lies"

Welcome to my blog, readers of Tuesday Tales! I'm giving you a sneak peak at my mystery/family saga novel work-in-progress "Secrets And Lies". The gist of the story is that Robbie Weston discovered his father's bludgeoned body, and his brother-in-law Ian Stanwood (also a town cop) is helping to conduct an investigation. As he and Robbie inspect the house for various entrances, Ian mentions the tunnel by the fireplace hearth. Could the killer (if there was a killer - that's up for debate) have entered the house via this tunnel? The story is set on the island of Caleb's Woe, which is the city for this week's prompt. This city is based in part on the cities of Gloucester and Rockport, Massachusetts.

Here is the link to Tuesday Tales so you may read more stories:

Enjoy my excerpt!

"How many entrances?"
"Front and back doors. French doors open into the sitting room, where Matthew sleeps. They're right behind you. The sitting room has another set of French doors that open to the topiary garden. The upstairs balcony outside the master bedroom has a door. There's a trellis next to it. Easy climb."
"Don't forget the windows. How about a basement?"
"Yes. One door. It jams with the weather changes. It's been raining a lot lately, so it probably wasn't easy to open if it was used. Oh, I almost forgot. The tunnel."
That caught Sark's attention. "Tunnel?"
"It's right over here." Ian walked to the fireplace with Sark on his heels. He placed his hands against the left side of the back wall and applied all of his weight to it. A portion of the fireplace wall moved away to reveal a staircase. Mildew and dust burst in a cloud around both men.
"Well, I'll be damned," Sark said, impressed. "I haven't seen anything like that before in my life."
Ian pulled a flashlight from his pocket. He aimed the beam through the opening.  Sark saw brick stairs that descended into gloom.
"Where's that go?"
"Into the Common. About a half dozen homes here have tunnels. They're a few hundred years old."
"I thought they were an Underground Railroad thing."
"It came up this far but it wasn't tunnels. Mostly hiding out in people's houses. The tunnels in Caleb's were mainly for smuggling liquor during Prohibition and for hiding goods from tax collectors. Before Prohibition, pirates used them to smuggle their goods on and off the island. I think some of them connected family homes. Others open onto beaches or in the woods. They could be used as root cellars, too."
"Any chance someone used this one to access the house?"
"I doubt it. Too much trouble. The Common is two miles away, and there's nowhere to park, unless you drive something that can float on a swamp. It's easier to park behind the house. You can't see back there from the main road."
"I need to see what's down there."
"Be careful. There's no hand rail, and the steps are narrow."
They tied rubber bands around their shoes so that their footprints could be identified, not that it mattered, since one look at the accumulated dust made it clear that no one had walked down those steps in years.
The stairwell cooled as they descended. Once they reached bottom, Sark looked around. There wasn't much to see. The tunnel was oval, and hewn of brick. To his right, it disappeared into darkness. Six dark green plastic garbage bags that contained God knows what lay in a corner to his left. A large stack of boxes leaned against one wall.
 "This is it. Not much to it, as you can see," Ian aimed the beam down the passage, but the light didn't reveal much. "That goes on for about two miles."
Sark stared into the void in silence for a few seconds.
"Why would there be a tunnel to the Common? There's nothing there."
"Not three hundred years ago. There were a few families living out there. They refused to move to the coast. Stubborn, but that didn't stop them from going to town when they needed supplies. The passageways made it easier for them to get to the town center, especially in bad weather. I know there's one passage that starts by the Clementine ruin and opens next to Saint Mark's Episcopal Church. It's not located inside a house. There are probably tunnels around here that no one has ever found. Plus the Common and these tunnels were great places to hide goods you didn't want to see taxed to the hilt. Remember that we were still fighting the British. This was at about the time of the American Revolution."
"Are the homes still standing?"
"No. They were reduced to rubble centuries ago."
"What's the story behind this tunnel?"
"Smuggling. Two hundred years ago this house was owned by Nathaniel Weston, a merchant who had funded several privateers who visited the area. Pirates are privateers that fell out of favor with the governors for one reason or another. Pirates and privateers are pretty much the same thing, the main difference being whether they worked for themselves or if they worked for the government or a private benefactor like Weston. I think Nathaniel Weston is Kate's great-great-great grandfather. There were rumors that he had made deals with Captain Kidd, but that story has never been verified. Neither have the stories that Kidd buried his treasure here on Caleb's Woe. Lots of Indiana Jones wannabes came here over the years dreaming of buried loot. They dug so many holes that Caleb's looked like Swiss cheese. The town council passed an ordinance -- I don't remember when -- forbidding that kind of digging, or at the very least requiring a permit. The requirements to get one are so stringent that no one bothers anymore. There are all kinds of stories about where Kidd buried his treasure, but all of them have panned out. It's never been found. Kidd traveled up this way. He was captured in Gloucester, and sent to jail in Boston. There was a great deal of pirate activity in Marblehead and Isles of Shoals, just off the coast of Maine. Blackbeard was up in this area, too. Nathaniel Weston had the smuggled goods brought from the shores to the house, transported them through this tunnel, and hid them in the Common. He was rewarded with a percentage of the goods and gold for helping the pirates keep one step ahead of the authorities. He used part of the fortune to build additions to this house and that topiary garden in the back yard."
"How could the tunnels be built through all that granite?"
"The island isn't composed only of granite. There's a great deal of soft earth beneath the rock. Most of the tunnels go through dirt."
"Huh. Learn something new every day. What's in the boxes and bags?"
" I think the bags were supposed to go to Goodwill years ago, but everyone forgot about them. Nothing expensive went down here. The moisture would rot the good stuff in no time."
"Wouldn't moisture have destroyed the good stuff years ago when the pirates used these tunnels?"
"This one was a transport tunnel. It wasn't designed for storage. I'm not sure why, but it's had moisture problems for the past ten years or so, especially when it rains. The other tunnels are cool and dry. Three of the houses in town have tunnels with brick storage rooms attached." He pointed the flashlight beam into the gloom., softly illuminating a long, dark two miles to the Common. "You want to see any of it?"
"No reason to. Let's head back up. This tunnel is making my hair stand on end, what little hair I have left." Sark laughed at his own joke but Ian was too taken aback to say anything.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm At Jennifer Labelle's Blog Today...

... talking about the popularity of fairy tales, including smutty retellings like mine. :)

 Want to read an advance excerpt from "Climbing Her Tower", my upcoming erotic version of "Rapunzel"? Then head over to Jennifer Labelle's blog and have a look-see!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Deathwatch Theme Music

From the movie starring Hans Matheson.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great Review Of "Like A Moth To A Flame" From "Partner Swap"

Great customer review of my story "Like A Moth To A Flame", which appears in the Xcite Books anthology "Partner Swap". This review covers the entire book but the reader loved my story. w00t!!

"This book is full of many good stories. For example the wonderful story by Elizabeth Black, Like a Moth to a Flame, where the Mistress is not all she seems. In Courtney James\' Quay Party, one beautiful lady is struggling to keep up with Jacque. And do I want to see that one tattoo on the two stunning ladies? I loved this idea created by Giselle Renade. I would also loved to have seen the old dress recalled by two old friends as well as the activities that then ensued by the new couple; This was a lovely story by Viva Jones. And then not forgetting, Alive by Clarice Clique, a story full of substance that it is far more than just erotic prose.

What is the biggest compliment to this collection is the regret felt when each of the stories ended. I do hope one day we see the next chapter of Like a Moth to a Flame, hint hint, Elizabeth Black?"

[Below is a UK link to Xcite Books. Here is an Amazon link for the U. S.]

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal

A song based on a poem by Lord Tennyson. I heard this on the movie "Vanity Fair".