Monday, February 27, 2012

Horror/Dark Fiction Radio Show This Wednesday

I'm co-host of a radio show about horror and dark fiction this Wednesday. Host is Marsha Casper Cook and guests are Dana Fredsti, Trent Zelazny, Joe Pulver, Christopher L Beck, and (pretty sure he's in but need to double-check) Brent Millis. The show is this Wednesday Feb. 29 at 3 pm EST. Listen in and enjoy the conversation!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Intensity By Jopen

When I first heard about Intensity by Jopen I was intrigued. I had written about it before as a blog post so I was already familiar with it. This sex toy did it all. It had g-spot stimulation, rabbit ears to tickle my clit, and a thick shaft. So when I had a chance to try it out and review it for Jopen I couldn't pass up that chance.

This is a luxury vibrator unlike any other. Intensity is designed for both pleasure and for exercising your pelvic floor. When used regularly, you tighten your Kegel muscles which results in a stronger and tighter pelvic floor. Your arousal is more intense. Your orgasms are more intense. And it just feels so damned good! I'm talking knee-knocking, dance on the table in a biker bar intense gleeful bliss.

What makes it special are several things. One, it's made of high-quality silicone. If you're prone to allergic reactions to materials - especially the likes of jelly rubber - you likely won't react to this one. It has G-spot, vaginal, and clitoral stimulation as I already mentioned, It also inflates like a balloon at a carnival - and this is one hell of a carnival! I  just pump the handle whilst the shaft is inside me and I feel it get bigger and bigger. Wow! I liked that filled-up and plugged sensation. Elvis has entered the building! To deflate it I just pressed a small black button on the back of the handle. Then I pulled it out.

Then there are the electrodes at the tip of the shaft. Yes, electrodes. I've used electrosex toys before so I was dying to try this out. I was shocked - shocked, I say! - at how good it felt. When charged up and stimulating me on the inside, my Kegels automatically tightened around the vibrator's inflated shaft. I was so aroused by the intensity (har!) of this sex toy I rose up on the bed, doubled over with pleasure. Important - don't turn on the electrodes unless Intensity is inside you.

The instruction manual made everything plain as day. Directions were very simple. Insert your batteries in the base of the vibrator. Slather some lube on the shaft. Rub on some of the electrode gel on the two electrodes on the shaft. The gel comes in a tube that is included when you buy Intensity. Then, insert the shaft into your vagina and get ready for the ride of your life. Once inside, I inflated it until it felt as good as could be. Don't over-inflate! The two buttons on the left side control the vibrations. I preferred a heavy and intense vibration. The two buttons on the right control the intensity of the stimulations coming from the electrodes. I preferred a milder sensation when it came to the electrode stimulations. i enjoyed four of the five incremental stimulation speeds. As I played I could see the lights on the LED light up, guiding my way.

Overall, Intensity is a fine vibrator and Kegel exerciser. It's not particularly loud so I didn't disturb anyone whilst using it. I especially liked the combination of inflation, vibrations, and electro stimulation. Like I said, I've used electrosex toys before and I like them. This is an expensive vibrator but trust me - it's worth ever red cent. I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fragma - Embrace Me (Duderstadt Vocal Remix)

Three Drives - Air Traffic (Extended Vocal Mix)

Three Drives - Air Traffic DJ Cor Fijneman - Outstanding remix

Madelyn - Beautiful Child

Cass & Slide - Perception

Don't Call Me Baby - $4.99 Until Tomorrow

Buy "Don't Call Me Baby" now at AllRomanceEBooks for half off until tomorrow! $4.99! For the cost of a mocha latte you can own a fun book. Plus, once you drink the latte it's gone but a good book lasts forever.

If you want to read an excerpt, go to my "Don't Call Me Baby" page at the top of this web site.

This book is set in the big hair 1980s. Here are a few things I remember about the '80s. How about you? What do you remember of the '80s?

Video Killed The Radio Star (I saw this vid the first time it aired)

The Brat Pack

Ferris Buehler's Day Off (which now has a sequel)

Leg warmers

MTV was nothing but music videos and none of those stupid reality shows.

LP turntables

AIDS - and Ronald Reagan refusing to even acknowledge its existence.

The space shuttle Challenger explosion

Sally Ride - the first female American astronaut in space

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sample Sunday #1 - Don't Call Me Baby (Also On Sale!)

This is my first Sample Sunday. I hope I'm doing it right. :)

The excerpt is from my erotic romance novel Don't Call Me Baby, which is half off right now at AllRomanceEBooks. Check the links below to get your copy for only $4.99!

Don't Call Me Baby
By Elizabeth Black
Published by Naughty Nights Press
Contemporary erotic romance
ISBN # 9780987689450
156,698 word novel
Release date September 30, 2011
Heat Index * * * * *



Don't Call Me Baby is a fast-paced, quick-witted, sexy novel about a young woman exploring her sexuality and the cultural morĂ©s she collides with on a daily basis. It's 1983 in Maryland and Catherine Stone is sex on wheels. She plays the field the way men have done for aeons. Not content to strive for her MRS degree like so many young women her age, she seduces men of all stripes - married college professors, theatre students, virgins, complete strangers who intrigue her. She has already cost one man his job. But she asks herself lots of questions on her search to enjoy her sexuality. Why don't other women enjoy their sex as much as she does? Why do so many women and men look down on sexually free women, calling them sluts while sexually free men are called studs and Lotharios? She bucks at the double standards!  Catherine has made no commitment to any man. She's free to explore and she gladly does so. No man can tie her down and no woman's judgment will stop her from playing the field to her heart's content. Does she meet her match in a new man who introduces her to sexual bliss she had never before experienced? When she tries multiple partners and bondage for the first time as a submissive, she believes she's found the sexual bliss she is looking for - and with a man who not only introduces her to the fineries in life but also cares about her like no man ever has before.

Raindrops fell on Catherine's arms, and she knew it was time to depart. Ryan brushed his hand against his face as rain dripped on his brow. “We should get going before we get drenched.”
Catherine raced to his car with him following several yards behind. She leaned against the passenger door, turning her face up to catch the few scattered raindrops. Any second now and the sky would open with a deluge. Ryan stood a few feet away from her, giving her a quizzical look she couldn't quite read. Was he deciding what to do with her, since she was such a tempting tease who made it clear she wanted him? She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of the cool rain and the electric smell of a growing storm.
“I love the feel of rain on my face…” She did not get to finish her thought because Ryan took her up in his arms, kissing her so hard he bruised her lips. She felt a week's worth of pent-up passion in his embrace, and she wrapped her arms around his broad back, enjoying a kiss so intense it left her breathless. His tongue slid into her mouth, seeking every inch of her. She melted into his embrace, kissing him hungrily as she massaged the tense muscles in his shoulders. His erection poked at her leg as he pressed his groin into her. He wants me so much he can barely contain himself!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Don't Call Me Baby" - On Sale! Get Your Copy Now!

Have you picked up your HALF OFF copy of "Don't Call Me Baby" yet? It's $4.99 and no tax! It's a hot and sexy read. If that's what you're itching for, read my book.

Review: Lust – Erotic Fantasies for Women (Edited By Violet Blue)

I am always on the lookout for good erotic fiction to read. Too much of it comes across like Penthouse Letters when I'm looking for something hot to not only turn me on but wow me as far as good writing goes. I can always count on a good, hot read from books published by Cleis Press.

Lust – Erotic Fantasies for Women” is a fantastic collection of 17 stories written by a wide variety of female authors. I'm already familiar with quite a few of them. Two stories stood out for me.

'Tied To The Kitchen Sink by Kay Jaybee had me wishing I received such a fantastic birthday present! Will walks into his friend Ben's kitchen to find a naked (save the thigh high boots) and shapely woman tied to his kitchen sink. She's his birthday present. I won't say what happens next but it's quite amusing and sexy as hell.

In “Golden Hand” by K. L. Gillespie, a woman pickpocket reaches into a man's pocket on a crowded train... and gets a big surprise! I kept waiting for someone else on the train to notice what was going on. This has to be the sexiest train jerking off story I've ever read, and I've read a few.

All of these stories are well-written and highly erotic. I wish I could write like this and I aim towards the high quality of these stories. Each is a tidbit of about 5,000 words – short enough to enjoy during a quick lunch hour but long enough to make you wet and eager for release. If you're looking for good, well-written erotic literature, this is a great book for you.

Look to Good Vibrations for wonderful erotic literature and sex toys.

LC Brown - Parasympathetic 14 - Brije Staat - Parachutes

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ain't It The Truth

Diving Into Self-Publishing

I've decided to take that leap and try self-publishing. I know I might go down in a ball of flames. That's okay. This is an experiment. If the pub I sent Climbing Her Tower rejects the book, that's the one I will self-publish. It's a novella. I'll start off selling it for $.99 and later raise the price to $2.99.

I also want to write a short story I'll give away as a freebie with promotional links and information at the end so people can find my books.

I'm in touch with a few people who already self-publish. I have a feeling it's easier to do than I suspect. This will be fun!

Congrats To Trish - The Winner Of My Valentine's Day Easter Blog Hop Contest

Congrats to Trish, who won my Valentine's Day Blog Hop contest! She gets her choice between "Feral Heat" and "Filthy Leuker: Feral Heat 2". The next contest will be for Easter, coming soon. Keep an eye here for more information as the date approaches. I've already contacted her. I hope she enjoys my book.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

You can count on me to turn Valentine's Day on its head.

I found these "The Walking Dead" Valentine's Day cards yesterday and I sent out a few. I hate most crap I see on Valentine's Day. I don't do cute plush monkeys, puppies, and bears. I wanted to find a plush toy kitten or cat for V-D but there weren't any... anywhere. What gives? Cat lovers like fake holidays too!

I don't get into Whitman's Samplers either because those candies taste like fiberglass wrapped in axle grease. I prefer my chocolates from a local beach candy shop that's been in business since the 1920s. We're going to the movies today to see "The Woman In Black" (at long last!!) and we'll stop at this candy store to stock up on chocolate truffles and candy pebbles. Handmade candy can't be beat. I'll even get some chocolate walnut fudge because my husband hates the stuff. More for me!

Of course, for the guys, today begins the countdown to the day they are looking forward to. Get ready for it.

Steak and BJ Day

That's on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. It's the snarky dude's answer to feeling forced to give roses, chocolates, and dinners to women they want to go to bed with. You know what else makes that day special?

It's my birthday. I used to say my birthday fell on the day before the Ides of March. Now I say it's on Steak and BJ Day. It's sad that my date of birth is associated with blow jobs and a major assassination.

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day. And the perfect quote for this day is by Stephen King:  "... I have the heart of a small boy... and I keep it in a jar on my desk."


Friday, February 10, 2012

Welcome, Valentine's Day Blog Hoppers!

Update: Folks, don't forget to leave your email address in your comment. Otherwise I won't know how to reach you if you win. If you've left a comment and forgot your email address, just write another comment with the address. If you don't want to leave your email address in my comments, feel free to send it to me via email at trishcwilson AT comcast DOT net.


Hi, everyone! It's almost Valentine's Day, and you're here for my blog hop contest. Entering is easy. Just leave a comment here telling me what you think of Valentine's Day. Don't forget to leave your email address. I'll choose a winner at random. The winner gets his or her choice between Feral Heat and Filthy Leuker: Feral Heat 2.

To learn more about both of these books, including buy links, blurbs and excerpts, go to the book pages at the top of this web site. Click on the names and you're off and running.

Also, my book Don't Call Me Baby is on a special sale at AllRomanceEbooks for the next couple of weeks. It's half off at five bucks. So for the price of a mocha latte you can get a fun and sexy book. Just think: once you drink the latte it's gone but a good book lasts forever.

Don't Call Me Baby

Good luck to all who enter!

"Don't Call Me Baby" - On Sale Half Off!

Buy "Don't Call Me Baby" now at AllRomanceEBooks for half off! Five bucks! For the cost of a mocha latte you can own a fun book. Plus, once you drink the latte it's gone but a good book lasts forever.

If you want to read an excerpt, go to my "Don't Call Me Baby" page at the top of this web site.

The sale will last about two weeks. Pick up this book now!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #20: Don't Call Me Baby

This is my twentieth Six Sentence Sunday. The six sentences are from Don't Call Me Baby, my contemporary erotic romance/women's fiction set in the 1980s. This book will be half off at AllRomanceEBooks next week. Get it for five bucks!

Enjoy my six sentences. I'm giving you a little insight into Catherine Stone's situation and characters. She's the protagonist of the novel.
She wasn't a ditsy little airhead who traveled with mumsy and dadders over the holidays at Vail to go skiing, and who giggled at the frat boy jokes told by the guys from the brother-college military academy. Quincy was for rich girls who wanted to get their MRS degree, something Catherine didn't know until she had gone to classes for a week, and when she figured out that she attended what was nothing more than a finishing school, she begged her parents to let her transfer but they refused. So here she was, trapped at Quincy, trying to make the best of a bad situation. Not a quiet and demure rich girl who dressed in ski sweaters and drive a Beemer. She grew up in an industrial town with a machinist father and a secretary mother. She was a working class young woman in a sea of trust fund daughters and older, male tenured professors who weren't used to someone as earthy, blunt, and sensuous as she.

Nympho Or Just Normal?

I watched a French movie yesterday called Diary Of A Nymphomaniac. Despite the provocative title, it was actually quite thoughtful and very good. The lead character's sexual journey resonated with me. Some of the things Valerie said stuck in my mind, in particular this statement: "You know, I communicate better with my body than with words. With a caress I describe things that make me feel alive." I created a character with similar ideals in my book "Don't Call Me Baby". This book will be on sale at half off next week at AllRomanceEBooks. Get it for about four bucks! What a bargain!

Another quote that spoke to me came from Valerie's grandmother. It went something like this: "Nymphomaniac is a word created by men to condemn women they can't control." Sadly, women are just as likely if not more likely to negatively judge a sexually free woman. You know the saying, "Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free"? I respond to that dig with this: "Why buy the whole pig when all you want is a little sausage". That shuts things up real quick.

Here is yet another quote from the movie stuck with me: "I'm a promiscuous woman, yes, because I want to use sex as a means to find what everyone is looking for: recognition, pleasure, self-esteem, and, in short, love and affection". My character Catherine Stone is on a similar journey. She uses sex to communicate in part because she's very attractive and men of all stripes are drawn to her. Her choices don't take her in the direction Valerie goes in in the movie but her motivations are similar. 

It's easy to judge Catherine since she doesn't follow the rules. She sleeps with married men. She's promiscuous. She's selfish. But she's also thoughtful, intelligent, and compassionate. Rather than judge her in a knee-jerk fashion since she's not your typical romance novel heroine, try to understand why she does what she does and thinks the way she thinks. She's actually a bit ahead of her time. She's blunt and somewhat brutal. She wants to experience all that life has to offer and she'll take what she wants - sometimes against her own better judgment. Does she find the love and affection she's looking for in the end? You'll have to read the book to find out. Pick it up now or buy it next week when it's half off at AllRomanceEBooks.