Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Great Review For "Don't Call Me Baby"

"I was impressed with the complexity of this female Casanova. Ms. Black created a woman with so many facets that every female reading will find a little piece of her inside this vivid sexpot. While there were a few scenes from Catherine’s point of view where she mixes up the man’s name, it was not enough to detract from the power of this story. While some may take offense to the story’s content, I believe that if you take the time to read Don’t Call Me Baby, you will find it worthwhile as well as recognize Elizabeth Black’s talent."

w00t!!! It's time for some champagne!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cover Art For "Filthy Leuker"

Got my cover art for Filthy Leuker and I'm thrilled! What do you think?

This novella will be released by Romance Divine on December 9, 2011. It's the sequel to Feral Heat, my m/m bisexual werewolf erotic romance.

Here are basic info, my blurb, and one excerpt for your reading pleasure.

Title: Filthy Leuker                                                   
Release Date: 09 December 2011
ISBN: 978-1-935757-49-8
Author: Elizabeth Black  
Format: E-Book
Length: 12,438 words   66 pp (PDF)
Genre: Erotica
Category: Erotica, Fetish, Paranormal, Werewolf, Gay, Male Male, Bisexual, Multiple Partner
Price: $4.99


Erotic author Elizabeth Black is back. And she brings with her those lusty, bisexual werewolves/stagehands from her hot and sexy FERAL HEAT. This time Grant and Sam have their eyes on the show’s luscious male dancer: Leuker. To keep it all interesting, the lithesome ladies, Lina and Charlotte, are also along. It’s a paranormal, erotic, anything goes FIVE-some. Blame it all on…FILTHY LEUKER.


"I don't think we'll be getting much rest tonight. I'm feeling adventurous!" Charlotte dipped her finger in her Tuaca and rubbed it around her mouth, pursing her lips with the promise of much more. She pulled a pair of dice out of her back pocket of her jeans and rolled them in her palm. "What do you say we play with my Sex Dice?"

"What are Sex Dice?" Luke looked so open and naïve Sam wanted to hug him.

"He's adorable," Charlotte brushed her fingers against Luke's arm, making Luke double-take at her bold gesture. A pang of jealousy washed over Sam, but he immediately shoved the feeling away. They'd share each other's bodies soon enough. Charlotte continued: "Sex Dice are a game. We shake the dice and do whatever they tell us to do. One die says what to do and the other die says to whom to do it."

Luke reached for the dice in Charlotte's hand but Lina slapped him away. She likes slapping. I could get into a little swat. The pain would do me good.

"No!” Lina commanded. “I'd rather see your reaction the moment you have to remove your shirt or French kiss the person to your right."

"Good thing we're bi or that could be awkward." Mirth filled Grant's voice.

"Or enticing," Charlotte nibbled brie from an apple slice. Melting cheese dripped from the corner of her mouth, and the tip of her tongue snatched it up before it could get away, making Sam's cock twitched with delight. "Have you ever seen two straight women kiss? It's very exciting. All the giggling and petting. They love it. They just don't admit it."

"Enough talk! Let's play. Everyone on the floor in a circle." Sam took the dice from Charlotte as the five of them sat on the floor with Sam against the couch and to his right Grant, then Lina, Luke, and Charlotte.

"I'll go first," He took a long swallow of his Tuaca and tossed the dice on the rug.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #18 - Filthy Leuker (Coming In December)

This is my eighteenth Six Sentence Sunday. The six sentences are from Filthy Leuker, the latest in my Feral Heat erotic bisexual werewolf series. This novella will be released in early December. 
"Sorry, luv, you're a day late and a dollar short. We've already had him," that sultry and husky feminine voice jarred him from his daydream. Charlotte stood before him with her arms akimbo, hip thrust outward, giving him a cheeky grin. Dressed in tight black jeans and a tighter black tank top that squeezed together her huge breasts, she twisted her bee-stung lips in an amused grin that she once again bested him in the fucking department. "His name's Leuker Pearce and he's a stallion in bed."
"I'd love to pierce him." 
Feral Heat (novella) and Fluff The Master (short story) are part of this series. Filthy Leuker also includes my bisexual characters Lina and Charlotte from my short erotic story Neighbors, published in the Vamps anthology by Torquere Press. You may find information about these three works in my links at the top of this web site. Feral Heat has its own link. The other two are in my Short Stories and Free Stories categories.  Feral Heat is for sale (and I recommend you read that one first) and Fluff The Master is a free read! Yes, you read that right. FREE READ! . These books make ideal Christmas gifts. 

Welcome Readers From The Romance Reviews Party Event!

Welcome readers! Good luck with the holiday party event at The Romance Reviews. I'm glad you're here because I have some announcements for you.

First, my Free Read. Yes! Free! In honor of my new series based on my bisexual male werewolf characters from my novella Feral Heat, I've written a free short story in the Feral Heat universe. This short story is Fluff The Master, and you may pick it up at AllRomanceEBooks. If you want a PDF of the book, feel free to contact me at mselizabethablack AT comcast DOT net and I'll e-mail it to you.

Here's a blurb for Fluff The Master:
Sam Hightower and Grant Newsome, the bisexual werewolves from Feral Heat, are back in a new, rousing adventure. This time, it's Sam's birthday and they are hard at work in a Maryland theater putting up lights when an earthquake strikes! When they run outside, they meet a young man named Trent. Sam doesn't know Grant had already tasted what Trent had to offer. After the quake, they retreat to the safety of the stage and enjoy a little erotic show of their own! Trent surprises and shocks Sam with a special request. Will Sam be able to meet it? Read this FREE STORY and find out!

If you'd like to read Feral Heat before reading this story (I highly recommend it), feel free to buy the book per the links on my Feral Heat web site page link located at the top of this page. Here are buy links for convenience:

Here's the blurb for Feral Heat:
Grant and Sam were more than lovers; they shared a special secret. They also shared Grant’s roommate, Amelia, who was beginning to get suspicious about the two hunky males who disappeared every month. The sexy trio was not without their crises: Grant and Sam had a curse that continued to dog them, and Amelia’s soon-to-be ex had a bite that was as bad as his bark. It’s a howlin’ sexy time when author Elizabeth Black turns up the – Feral Heat.
And finally, my series continues with the novella Filthy Leuker, which will be released in December, 2011. Here are an advanced description, blurb and excerpt for your reading pleasure:

Filthy Leuker continues the story of Sam Hightower and Grant Newsome, my bisexual werewolves from my novella Feral Heat. You may also find Sam and Grant in the free read Fluff The Master, published by Romance Divine in its Explicit Encounters anthology.
This story includes Lina and Charlotte, my two lesbians from my story Neighbors, published by Torquere Press in its Vamps anthology in 2009. 
Sam Hightower and Grant Newsome are lovers and co-workers. They work as lighting technicians for a Seattle theatre. Their lives change when Sam literally stumbles over Lueker Pearce, the lead dancer in a visiting dance troupe. Not only is Luke a talented dancer, he is the spitting image of Grant - so much so that Sam can't stop fantasizing about him. Plus Luke is so sweet and shy Sam fears it'll be easy to fall for him. Will Sam and Grant invite Luke into their fold, and if they do, will they tell him their big secret - namely, that they are werewolves?

Sam Hightower's pulse raced at the sight of ripped abs and muscular thighs. The man who flowed across the stage with such little effort looked so much like his lover, Grant Newsome, that Sam blinked his eyes a few times to make sure his vision wasn't playing tricks on him. Who's the god with the rapt attention of every man and woman in this room?

The two men could have been brothers. Grant's twin wore his hair at shoulder length, thick and full, with tendrils falling in his shining green eyes. Those eyes are emerald green, so green they glow like an aurora in winter. His face bore the same smoldering look of extreme concentration. This man would snap at Sam, turning on him in an instant if he interrupted his train of thought, much the same way Grant grumbled if he did the same thing. Each twist of his hip and roll of his shoulder enhanced the earthy lust his meager leotard couldn't contain. The dancer strutted amid his shorter and less stellar-looking partners bringing a flush to Sam's cheeks. He moved with a grace Grant lacked, but animal magnetism oozed from every pore. Tall and majestic, he glided across the stage is if his feet didn't touch the ground, his elegant form so beautiful he took Sam's breath away.

"Sorry, luv, you're a day late and a dollar short. We've already had him," that sultry and husky feminine voice jarred him from his daydream. Charlotte stood before him with her arms akimbo, hip thrust outward, giving him a cheeky grin. Dressed in tight black jeans and a tighter black tank top that squeezed together her huge breasts, she twisted her bee-stung lips in an amused grin that she once again bested him in the fucking department. "His name's Leuker Pearce and he's a stallion in bed."

"I'd love to pierce him."

"You might be able to," Lina said. The quieter of the two women stood behind Charlotte, her arms wrapped around the gutsier one's waist. Quite the virago, Charlotte's lusty nature thrilled Sam on the few occasions they found themselves in bed together. Or in the back seat of his car. Or those two times in the catwalks with their groans echoing throughout the theater. Charlotte preferred women to men, but Sam enjoyed her touch and smell too many times to count. He teased the woman by sneaking up behind her to grab her boobs. She retaliated by bursting unexpectedly from behind road boxes to squeeze his cock. Despite the sex play, they were buddies more than sex partners.

She and her lover Lina settled in Portland after years traveling on the road. Amazed at how much the two looked alike, he admired their sleek arms and hands, strong from years of painting sets. They could be twins – or doppelgangers. Harbingers of doom. And now his lover's twin writhed before him, making love to the stage as he twirled and leaped. Imagine the fivesome we could have. It would be like something out of a Penthouse letter!

"He swings both ways," Charlotte said. "I can see a hot little threesome there; you, Luke, and Luke's evil twin. You need to be adventurous. You now how much I love adventure."

Should he mention his fantasy fivesome? No, not just yet… "So you noticed the resemblance, too?" Lust tingled the hairs on the back of Sam's neck. That beautiful creature moved like a majestic elk in the Alaskan high country. "What kind of name is Leuker?"

"It's Dutch. He goes by Luke. It's also his middle name. Says his first name is horrible."

"And 'Leuker' isn't?"

Her deep, throaty laugh reverberated amongst the flats. "He told me it's his mother's maiden name. Says it means good-looking."

Sam gawked at the tight ass and strong legs that sashayed across the stage. "Can't deny that."

Monday, November 14, 2011

My New Series Based On "Feral Heat"

Have you read my novella Feral Heat, which is about the lives and antics of Sam Hightower and Grant Newsome, two bisexual werewolves? Those two work as lighting technicians for stage plays. That book has always been my best seller. Since many people have written to me telling me how much they like Sam and Grant I've decided to write more stories that include those two characters. The first story appears in the bookExplicit Encounters published by Romance Divine. It's called Fluff The Master, and it's a FREE READ! Yes, you read that right. FREE! So pick up your copy today. You may find it at AllRomanceeBooks. You may also e-mail me at trishcwilson AT comcast DOT net and I will give you a PDF copy of the book.

AllRomanceeBooks – Explicit Encounters – Contains Fluff The Master.

Here's my Feral Heat page on my web site. It has everything you need: buy links, excerpt, blurb, reviews, and cover.

In Fluff The Master, it's Sam's birthday and he and Grant take on a new lover. The problem Sam has is that he shifts into werewolf form when he becomes aroused. Not only is that embarrassing, it's dangerous.

Here are two excerpts from Fluff The Master for your reading pleasure. This short story is a FREE READ with other short stories by Romance Divine authors in the book Explicit Encounters. So pick up your copy today.


Grant laughed. "That's the whole idea."

"What idea?" Sam asked.

"This one." He grabbed Sam by the collar of his t-shirt and pulled him close. His kiss tasted of beer and the chocolate chip cookies he snacked on in place of a healthy lunch.I have to remind him to cut down on the junk food. Sam wrapped one arm around Grant's back and squeezed him tightly in an amorous embrace. Tongues meeting and mingling, he lost himself in a heady and exciting kiss. Arousal tingled at his mouth and traveled down his chest to slam into his groin. In seconds he was hard. He shifted in the seat to make room for his growing erection.


"Oh, my God, that feels good! It's so cold!"

"It's the lube. We store it in the cooler in the summer. Makes anal much more fun. It's like getting impaled with an icicle."

Sam grasped Trent by his hips and thrust his cock in and out, in a steady beat of movement, neither too fast nor too slow. As his arousal overcame him, he felt his skin once again thicken and pulsate. Muscles in his legs grew, hair lengthened and coarsened. He felt his beating heart enlarge in his chest as his torso expanded. Be careful… Don't let it go too far or you won't be able to control it. And then Trent's life will be in danger.

His jaws popped. Vision brightened as his eyes adjusted to the darkened theater, changing into their feral night vision. He glanced at the box seat and saw the shadow move closer to the edge of the balcony. A handsome face with vintage features stared at the triad that moved in and out of each other's bodies with such passion and grace. Sam smiled and shook his head. Not tonight, Hugh. Four's a crowd. The stage and house brightened in his gaze, not unlike seeing the darkened theater through infrared lenses. Sam scratched Trent's back with his lengthening claws, wanting to caress like a breeze but also wanting to rend flesh to get to the bloody meat beneath. I need to come fast or I'll hurt him.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winner Of The Halloween Blog Hop

I shall now announce my winner of one of my paranormal books for the Halloween Blog Hop. The winner is... Jennifer Smith! Congratulations and thanks to all who entered. Keep an eye on my blog for the Christmas Blog Hop. I'll give away another book in December. 

For those interested in reading the books I offered as prizes during this contest, both are paranormal erotic romances. You may find information about "An Unexpected Guest" and "The Haunting Of The Sandpiper Inn" at links at the top of this page.