Monday, July 30, 2012

Target Back To School Triplets Commercial

My favorite Target commercial. Catchy little tune.

Kenio Fuke - Infinite Love

 What I like to listen to when I relax. Heard this on internet radio. It's an oldie but goodie.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Me At Tonight's Night Owl Romance Chat!

Meet me at tonight's Night Owl Romance chat for Monday, July 16, 2012. I'll be discussing "An Unexpected Guest", my new article about erotic romance (and I'll be looking for reader commentary), "Don't Call Me Baby" coming out free for the next few days, and other things. Join me and three other writers tonight from 8 - 9 PM EST.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day! Welcome, Blog Hoppers!

I'm taking a quick break from enjoying my Dogfish Head Ale and catching some rays to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. The beach calls. There's the traditional local bonfire at the beach tonight after the parade, just like in the movie "Jaws."

I'm holding a contest! I'm giving away a copy of my short erotic fairy tale "Purr", which is an erotic rendition of  "Puss In Boots". Leave a comment telling me what you are doing for Independence Day, and you stand a chance to win. For those outside the U. S., tell me what plans you have for the summer and you'll be eligible to win, too. Don't forget to leave your email address. 
We're in the middle of watching the movie "Jaws" right now. I live on Massachusetts North Shore. "Jaws" was filmed in Martha's Vineyard, which is past the South Shore. Watching "Jaws" on July 4th is practically required by law out here.
Everyone already knows the main mechanical shark was nicknamed "Bruce." Here are more fun facts about "Jaws":

* The original scene with Alex Kintner's death was so scary that it had to be cut due to the fact that it might scare people to death and they would not be able to give JAWS a PG rating but an R instead. The scene called for a doll of Alex to be floating among the bathers, then the shark would jump out of the water.
* When the shark was built, it was never water tested therefore when it was put in the water at Martha's Vineyard, it sunk straight to the ocean floor. It took a team of divers to retrieve it from the floor.
* Robert Shaw could not stand Richard Dreyfuss and they argued all the time, which resulted in some good tension between Hooper and Quint.
* Robert Shaw was also in trouble from the IRS and had to flee the country once his scenes were completed.
* A midget in a miniature cage and a real shark were used to get some shots correct. (The midget was used to make the shark look bigger.)
* Apparently, technicians lost control of one of the mechanical sharks, and it was lost at sea.
* A real shooting star can be seen during a shot of the boat on the water at dusk.
* Author Peter Benchley was thrown off the set after objecting to the climax.
* Susan Backlinie (Chrissie) is actually a stunt woman, not an actress, and her underwater scenes in the JAWS opener were actually filmed during the day while she was in the buff.
* There were two 300lb weights attached to Susan Backlinie which were being tugged by two sets of crewmen on shore. One set would pull right, and the other set would pull left. It took three days to film that sequence. (Easter Egg Page note: Backlinie was hurt during filming of this sequence. Lip readers complained at this scene because she swears quite profusely, but her cursing had been dubbed out.)
* If you pay close attention to one of the windows in the building behind Brody after he leaves the hardware store, you will notice a bystander sticking her head up and taking pictures of Roy Scheider as he is doing his lines.

Easter Eggs (hidden inside jokes within films like author/director appearances):

* Steven Spielberg was the voice on Quint's marine radio when Mrs. Brody tries to contact her husband on the Orca.
* Brody's dog in the movie was actually Spielberg's real dog.
* The reporter going on and on about Amity and the shark is "Jaws" writer Peter Benchley.

Have a pleasant holiday weekend, everyone. And enjoy the water. It's just fine. evil_smiley.gif

And now, information about "Purr".

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The alluring puss in boots Muca aspired for her master to become the richest and most respected man in the land, but her job was cut out for her. Could she convince the local farmers to trust in her against the vicious ogre who ruled the region?

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

"An Unexpected Guest" is FREE Today!

Make sure you pick up your Kindle copy of my paranormal erotic romance novel "An Unexpected Guest" today since it's FREE! I don't know how long this freebie will last, so get it while the going is good.