Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheesecake Thursday #1

Ever since I started my very popular Man Candy Tuesday posts, I've heard from a few men that they feel left out. Poor dears! I can't let that happen! So now I'm beginning Cheesecake Thursdays, a day dedicated to the sexiest women out there. I've decided to start this new series because of my new release, "Things That Go Hump In The Night", which appears in the lesbian anthology "I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories", published by Ravenous Romance. For information on this book, please visit my "Short Stories" tab at the top of this page. You'll find all the info you need about the book there.

I also have another lesbian story coming out very soon. My lesbian tale "Unfolding Her Wings" will appear in the anthology "Women On The Edge Of Space", soon to be published by Circlet Press. This is my first published science fiction story. It will also appear in the "Short Story" tab when the book is published in the next month or so.

I've written two other lesbian stories, "Lost In Her Mouth" (see "Tales Of Lust And Longing" tab) and "Neighbors" (see "Short Stories" tab. This story appears in the "Vamps" lesbian anthology published by Xcite Books in the U. K.)

So, without further ado, here are the first sexy ladies of Cheesecake Thursday.

Angelina Jolie is the basis for the look of my character Charlotte in "Neighbors".

Charlotte Lewis is the basis for Lena's look in my short story "Neighbors". 

And I've always though Tia Carrere was very sexy.

So there you have it! My first Cheesecake Thursday! Enjoy! I can't guarantee I'll do this every week, but since I have one lesbian story released and one about to be released, expect to see sexy women once per week for the foreseeable future. Go to my "Short Stories" tab to see my cover art, read a blurb, and read an except from "Things That Go Hump In The Night", my latest short story. And then buy yourself a copy of the book, "I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories".

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Egg Nog Recipes By Famous TV Chefs

I just read that The Barefoot Contessa has finally accepted the request of a dying six year old boy to appear on her show. She refused twice, but accepted the third time. Said she was busy the first two times. Come on, how busy can you be to turn down a dying six year old? Anyway, I remembered a post from my old blog about the famous TV chefs that I had to reprint here on my new blog. Sadly, Prank Call of Cthulhu didn't poke fun at The Barefoot Contessa, but he sure had fun with others. Have a good laugh.

I saw this joke by Prank Call of Cthulhu on FARK and I had to share it with everyone. It's eggnog recipes by famous TV chefs. Perfect for the holiday season! Enjoy!
Famous TV Chef Eggnog Recipes
Bobby Flay eggnog: mix eggs, cream, sugar, and rum, then throw it on the grill and garnish with mango chutney.
Sandra Lee eggnog: Pour one tablespoon of store-bought eggnog into an 8-oz glass. Swish it around to coat the glass, pour out excess. Fill the remainder of the glass with vodka and serve.
Alton Brown eggnog: Build a ridiculously complicated frothing machine out of dry ice, twenty feet of rubber tubing, a colander, and a garden hose nozzle, then follow a twenty-step process and deliver a five minute rant about why an egg separator is a useless "unitasker."
Rachel Ray eggnog: The addition of a little EVOO to a traditional eggnog recipe is YUM-O!!!
Paula Dean eggnog: Combine eggs, butter, whole cream, butter, sugar, butter, rum, butter, and more butter. Whip. Serve with a side of defibrillator.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Man Candy Tuesday #9 - Theme, Cowboys!

It's that time again - Man Candy Tuesday! In honor of the hot men who appear every Monday on "Hawaii Five-0", I've dedicated Tuesdays to the most mouth-watering man candy out there. Enjoy!

This week's theme is cowboys. I'm not into them myself, but I know plenty of women who are. Why are cowboys so sexy? What is it about them that drives women wild, and drives up erotic book sales involving men in chaps?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Woo! "I Kissed A Girl II" In The Top #100!!!

I Kissed A Girl II is in the top #100 in the lesbian category at!! Woo hoo!! I'm doing the Happy Dance!!!

Great Review Of "I Kissed A Girl" By Sizzling Hot Books

The first review is in, and it's a good one! Thomas from Sizzling Hot Books enjoyed "I Kissed A Girl II". Here's the link to the review:

Sizzling Hot Books Review - I Kissed A Girl II

And here's the review. Enjoy! If you want more information on I Kissed A Girl II, including where to buy it, go to my "Short Stories" tab at the top of this web site and scroll down until you find the book. Everything you need is on that page.


I Kissed A Girl II Anthology
I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Storiescontains stories by thirteen authors. All of the stories are pretty good, and they vary in length from just a few pages to about five pages. Each of them is set in a different area or time period, which is good since they all involve lesbians.
This diverse collection travels the globe and the ages. No two settings or circumstances are alike, proving that women from every walk of life and culture are curious and eager to explore their full sexuality...with each other. You will be titillated, tantalized and swept away as you:
* Journey to Australia, where two long-time friends discover more than friendship
* Fly to Hawaii, for a language lesson interrupted
* Stop in Costa Rica, for a massage in a tree house
* Travel north to Alaska, where strangers connect
* Across Canada, to discover how co-workers release tension
* Over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where a concert is more than guitars strumming
* Close your eyes to wander into a mythical kingdom, where women take charge
* Voyage to historical Italy, to discover things are not always what they seem
* Jet back to the heat of Miami, and be entranced by a goddess, before exploring the rest of the USA to discover a host of erotic lesbian encounters!
Join us as we trot the globe and enjoy out-of-this-world experiences!
The two stories I would like to mention from I Kissed a Girl II are: Queen of Swords By Inara Lavey and Nimble Fingers by Lucy Felthouse.

The first story: Queen of Swords was an excellent read. It takes place in medieval times with a queen Adisa, that is fighting to keep her position. In this story the queen has to give the king an heir or else take part in a tournament to see if another women should take her place. She has sex with one of her servants Lyra, and the author does really well with setting the sex up. It takes place in a marble bathroom and you can feel the excitement in the air. With this story I really loved the setting of the medieval castle and the feelings that it portrayed.

The second story: Nimble Fingers was also an excellent read. This story centers around Jessica, a girl at a bar there to see the band. While watching the band, she really notices the guitarist Samantha and watches her intently. During one of the breaks, Samantha comes over and introduces herself. What follows is a night of sex fun that starts right there in the bar bathroom and ends at Samantha's house. This was a great read, you could feel the tension as the woman were both in the bathroom stall together and you could feel the heat rise all the way up until they got to her house.

Overall I enjoyed all the stories in I Kissed a Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories, but the two I mentioned above stood out the most for me. If you are interested in reading a few quick stories, and don't mind lesbian action, be sure to check out I Kissed a Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dee Dawning On Book Covers

Visit the Midnight Seductions blog and read what Dee Dawning has to say about creating his own book covers. He does a wonderful job, too! The cover is often the first thing a potential reader sees next to the title, and it better be eye-catching.

Here's an excerpt from Dee's post:

For writers who aren't able to make covers, you don't need to. All you need is the image. And the images are available for your perusal on line. There are a dozen or more of such sites. Careful though, images at some online image warehouses are quite pricey.

I use mostly I Stock, Can Stock, 123RF, Fotolia and Dreamstime. Now that I'm involved with and making covers for a brand new publisher, I imagine I'll be using them more and more, since I'll be making more and more covers.
Also read the blurb to his latest book, "Duped!". Revenge is best served cold.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Release: I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories

Title: I Kissed a Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories
Includes short story "Things The Go Hump In The Night" by Elizabeth Black
Paranormal erotic lesbian romance
Edited by Regina Perry
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Publish Date: 2011-03-22
Word Count: 50,957
ISBN: 9781607773993
Price $4.99

Buy Links:

Ravenous Romance




Our readers asked for it, and now we're pleased to present Volume II of first-time lesbian encounters inspired by Katy Perry's hit song! Seven returning authors continue to arouse, plus six new authors will not disappoint.

This diverse collection travels the globe and the ages. No two settings or circumstances are alike, proving that women from every walk of life and culture are curious and eager to explore their full sexuality...with each other. You will be titillated, tantalized and swept away as you:

* Journey to Australia, where two long-time friends discover more than friendship

* Fly to Hawaii, for a language lesson interrupted

* Stop in Costa Rica, for a massage in a tree house

* Travel north to Alaska, where strangers connect

* Across Canada, to discover how co-workers release tension

* Over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where a concert is more than guitars strumming

* Close your eyes to wander into a mythical kingdom, where women take charge

* Voyage to historical Italy, to discover things are not always what they seem

* Jet back to the heat of Miami, and be entranced by a goddess, before exploring the rest of the USA to discover a host of erotic lesbian encounters!

Join us as we trot the globe and enjoy out-of-this-world experiences!


"Turn off the light."

"Who are you?" She whirled around, looking for the source of the voice but finding nothing.

The voice sounded young, like a woman barely out of her twenties, and it sounded like chimes singing in the wind. The young invisible woman spoke with a plea in her voice, as if she was afraid Bridget would flee, and fleeing was first and foremost on Bridget's mind as her heart pounded in her throat. She fought an urge to bolt from the room and run downstairs to surround herself with living, breathing people.

"I'm not going to hurt you. Please turn off the light."

"I'm not turning off the light. Who are you?"


Bridget stood in front of the couch, frozen. Her teeth chattered, and she clenched her jaw to make them stop. A chill descended over the room, making her shiver. She wished she had a blanket so she could stay warm - and hide.

"C'mon, tell me. What's his name?" the voice said.

"Who are you talking about?"

"The guy you're mad at. No woman comes to a hotel room alone with

two unopened bottles of wine unless she has man trouble."

"He's my boyfriend … er, ex-boyfriend … and what's it to you?"

"I saw you crying earlier, and it made me sad. What did he do to you?"

Why am I talking to someone I can't see? This is insane. Bridget looked around the room, trying to make sense of her predicament. Even in the dim light she could see she was alone. Her breath burst from her lips in a cloud in front of her mouth. Her body shivered and was covered with goose bumps. Afraid, she froze where she sat, wondering what lay in store for her.

"Well? What did he do to you?"

The bizarre nature of her position blew Bridget’s mind but she couldn't help but answer. Her unseen roommate's gentle tone of voice lured her out. Bridget had felt a strong urge to dump all her sorrows on anyone who would listen, and her invisible guest made herself available. So what if she was a ghost? She was an eager and attentive audience.

"He cheated on me. And today's my birthday. I'm pissed," Bridget said as she stood up to stretch. Lying on the couch had given her a body cramp.

"I can't believe he did that again, after he’d promised he wouldn’t bed anyone else after the last time."

"You mean he has a history of cheating on you?"

"Yes. This is his third time."

"And you stayed with him? What a poor choice! You deserve some punishment."

Thwack! Without warning, pain gripped her left butt cheek. Bridget whirled around, looking for her unseen confidante but seeing no one. It was one thing to talk to someone you couldn't see, but there was something exciting about being touched by an invisible entity. The hand that spanked her was small but strong. Bridget wondered what else her ghostly roommate could do with that hand.

"What was that for?"

"You need to be spanked, and badly. Making such poor choices. Did you toss him out yet?"

"No, but—"

Thwack! The painful smack that traveled from her butt cheek to slam into her pussy, making her feel strangely aroused.

"Stop that!"

"You don't need him, someone who cheats on you and treats you like dirt. On your birthday, no less. I know exactly what you need."

"And what might that be?"

"You need me."

Man Candy Tuesday #8

It's that time again - Man Candy Tuesday! In honor of the hot men who appear every Monday on "Hawaii Five-0", I've dedicated Tuesdays to the most mouth-watering man candy out there. Enjoy!

Make sure you visit my book pages at the top of this web site. If you like ghost stories, you'll love An Unexpected Guest and The Haunting Of The Sandpiper Inn. Or are you in the mood for a paranormal with bisexual male werewolves? Then you need to pick up your copy of Feral Heat. I'm about to begin the sequel to this book very shortly.

And now... Man Candy Tuesday. Enjoy!

And now that he's finally back on Hawaii Five-O, the absolutely gorgeous Mark Dacascos.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Babeland Review: Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle

Enjoy my review of the Lelo's Flickering Touch Massage Candle. You may read it on my other blog at The Countess. Here's an excerpt:

I have always loved Lelo products so imagine my delight when Lelo came out with its own line of massage candles! The scents sounded so incredibly delightful it was hard to choose just one, so I chose what sounded to me like the most exotic and romantic scent: Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle in Snow Pear and Cedarwood. Other scents include vanilla and creme de cacoa, and black pepper and pomegranate.

Go to The Countess to read the rest. That's where I keep all my sex toys reviews. Enjoy the review and treat yourself to a very nice massage candle.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mother Nature Gets Naughty: Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Read my new article posted in the spring 2011 issue of the feminist magazine On The Issues. It's about eco-friendly sex toys. Here's a link and an excerpt:

Mother Nature Gets Naughty: Eco-Friendly Sex Toys by Elizabeth Black

I am a copywriter for a sex toys company in England, and, for several years, I've written articles reviewing new products for American and English sex toys company magazines. Consumers today are demanding that manufacturers make sex toys from healthier materials, and now companies are beginning to respond.

The problem with sex toys arises because many popular sex items are made from phthalates, a jelly-like material that has been identified as a possible health risk. Since you insert sex toys into your body, you are directly exposing not only your outer body to phthalates, but also your internal organs, especially your sex organs. If you are pregnant, you could be exposing your fetus to toxic chemicals, a particular risk to in utero development.

Head on over to the spring 2011 issue "The Ecology Of Women", and read my article. Also read about other ecologically related articles at On The Issues.

Fab Review For "Indiscretions Vol. 2"!!

Kelly Shrewsbury gave my novella Indiscretions Vol. 2: The Mile High Club and Room Service a wonderful review! This novella is comprised of two short stories that are the beginning of a serial. Here's a portion of what she wrote:

Indiscretions Vol. 2 by Elizabeth Black

As always, Elizabeth Black doesn't disappoint me at all, not in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Indiscretions Vol. 1 was absolutely sizzling, but in Vol. 2, readers are taken to new heights.

This book is a novella, at a good length, and starts out hot and keeps getting hotter. While this isn't an erotic romance - and there is a difference between erotica and erotic romance - it still keeps you very interested in the trysts and adventures that the main character, Caryn, takes part in.

Go to the link to read the rest of the review. You can find a blurb, excerpt, and buy links for this book on my "Indiscretions Vol. 2" page in the sidebar at the top of my web site. It's in the "Short Stories" category. Scroll down that page until you see the title and book cover.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vita Sackville-West And "An Unexpected Guest"

Happy birthday Vita Sackville-West, English writer and poet also known for her affair with writer Virginia Woolf. She was a member of the Bloomsbury Group. One of Sackville-West's short stories influenced my paranormal erotic romance novel "An Unexpected Guest". In honor of Sackville-West's birthday, I'm urging everyone to pick up a copy of my paranormal erotic romance novel "An Unexpected Guest". The idea for the book came to me after reading Sackville-West's short story "An Unborn Visitant". I found it in the short story collection "What Did Miss Darrington See? An Anthology Of Feminist Supernatural Fiction." Check my bar at the top of my web site for the page about "An Unexpected Guest". Here's a blurb. Read an excerpt and find buy links on the book page.


Annie's life is in crisis, and it's time for her to change things. She is determined to be controlled no longer by her arrogant boyfriend and overbearing mother: for the first time in her life, she is going to follow her dreams and do something she truly wants for herself. Her dreams lead her to a picturesque Bed and Breakfast by the ocean that is rumored to be haunted. As she throws fear to the wind and opens up to life's new possibilities she meets Jason, whose long blonde hair and cheeky attitude she cannot resist.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Man Candy Tuesday #7

It's that time again - Man Candy Tuesday! In honor of the hot men who appear every Monday on "Hawaii Five-0", I've dedicated Tuesdays to the most mouth-watering man candy out there. Enjoy!

Gotta have at least one picture of Johnny Depp.

Speaking of hot men, how about an excerpt from my novel Feral Heat?

Publisher: Romance Divine
Release Date: 27 Nov 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934446-72-0
Author: Elizabeth Black
Format: E-Book
Length: 22,571 words
Genre: Romance
Category: Erotic, Werewolf, Gay, Paranormal, Multiple-Partner, Threesome

Where To Buy:

Romance Divine

Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble


All Romance E-Books

Price: $4.99

What People Are Saying About "Feral Heat":

"...a real pleasure to read... the menage of both werewolf and mortal brings some steam to the pages of this novella, and this is one read I would highly recommend to readers of romance, erotica, GLBT, and anyone who is looking for something to sizzle their kindles or computers up for a while." - Kelly Shrewsbury, Itmann Books Examiner

"...Feral Heat is well worth diving into for readers who like werewolf romance stories with a seductive and furry edge. I was entertained and quite happy to get to know Grant and Sam and even Grant’s pet dog was sort of cute in a loopy way. There’s a lot to like in this book and I’m certainly glad I read it." - Xeranthemum, Long and Short Reviews, Whipped Cream


Grant and Sam were more than lovers; they shared a special secret. They also shared Grant’s roommate, Amelia, who was beginning to get suspicious about the two hunky males who disappeared every month. The sexy trio was not without their crises: Grant and Sam had a curse that continued to dog them, and Amelia’s soon-to-be ex had a bite that was as bad as his bark. It’s a howlin’ sexy time when author Elizabeth Black turns up the – Feral Heat.


Amelia Scott was not a dog person. As a cat lover, she could not understand the appeal of mutts, especially large, lumbering, slobbering mutts that couldn't contain their excitement over the littlest things. While she enjoyed admiring Grant's lush body from afar, he came with a companion and she barely stomached Rasputin. Why couldn't he own a toy poodle for Christ's sake? Rasputin even towered over her ten year old son.

Grant was such a luscious piece of eye candy that she could forgive him for owning the most annoying dog in the world so she let it slide. Maybe she'd eventually get used to Rasputin, although she doubted it. Her ex-husband's parents owned three incredibly large dogs that were about as dumb as a bag of hammers. The German Shepherd mutt mix, the idiot Golden Retriever and the dumbest of them all – the Black Lab – often barked their heads off at rabbits that tormented them by sitting just on the other side of the fence where the mutts couldn't get to them. Those rabbits laughed at the dogs, knowing they were as safe as could be, yet those dogs yapped and barked for hours on end, desperately hoping to find a way past that fence to get an early dinner. It never happened.

Rasputin wasn't much better. She took in Rasputin because she needed Grant's money, and because she knew that having a hot, sexy man in the house was well worth the aggravation of Canis Doofus.

"Thanks for the wine. I'm sorry Rasputin lunged at you like that. It's only because he likes you, but that's no excuse. How can I make it up to you?"

As she admired Grant's sexy, well-formed chest, she dared to suggest something just this side of illicit, at least for her, and handed him a sea sponge.

"You can wash my back. That's a good start."

"Your wish is my command."

As he leaned over her, she smelled his musky scent mixed with a spicy cologne. He squeezed water from the sponge onto her back and then rubbed the sponge into her skin. If only her ex could see her now! Here she sat, alone and naked, in a tub full of bubbles with a hot, sexy man pouring water over her back. If her ex knew what she was doing he would probably sue her again.

She admired Grant's luscious torso and then she spied scratch marks on his shoulder. These weren't shallow scratches he got from moving boxes and bumping into furniture in his delightfully clumsy way. No, these scratches burned an ugly red on his tanned skin, deep enough to be painful but not deep enough to require stitches. Not noticing them before she wondered where they came from and if they hurt. Taking a chance, she reached out one wet hand and pressed her palm against his warm skin over the scratches. Damn, he felt good! All those muscles rippling on his shoulders and chest, and here I sit naked with him tending to me. This is too good to be true.

"How did you get those scratches? They look painful."

"They sting a little but they're not that bad. I got them when I was hiking in Dogtown yesterday."

"Haven't you been listening to the news lately? Aren't you afraid of running into those wild wolves?"

"I'm not afraid of them. You know Rasputin is part wolf, right? He's half Russian Wolfhound and half wolf. That's why he gets worked up all the time. Hyper mutt, isn't he?"

"What about those wolves, though? They've been killing the wild turkeys in the area and I hear they've even mauled some pets. I think you should keep Rasputin in the house at night and stay out of Dogtown."

Dogtown was a copse of forest about ten miles wide that hikers and mountain bikers loved to visit for some healthy recreation. Ever since the wolf sightings had started three months ago, the authorities told locals to stay out of the area because it was too risky. Isolated and densely packed, if Grant were attacked by a wolf in Dogtown he would be stranded there, unable to get medical help unless a hiker or mountain biker stumbled upon him. Amelia didn't want him to take a chance of ending up hurt by hiking in Dogtown with a wolf sighting in effect for the area.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Now THIS Is Funny!

A commercial for Cravendale Milk. Cats with thumbs. Yes, the little bastards are that conniving. I know. I'm owned by four of them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coming Soon: Article about Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

My article about eco-friendly sex toys will appear in the next issue of the feminist magazine On The Issues. It should come out in about a week. Once it's available, I'll post a link and brief excerpt.

In the meantime, read my other article for On The Issues about slut-shaming:

American society is not kind to sexually active, single, straight women, especially when virginity is so popular among political talking heads. The purity movement and "hooking up" culture are at loggerheads, creating a great deal of confusion.

Chances are, if you're a woman who enjoys playing the field, you've been called a slut, whore, tramp, and a host of other slurs. There is no equivalent set of words for guys who play the field, and the words that describe them are positive, something to aspire to: Lothario, player, stud, Casanova. "Slut" is designed to humiliate and negatively judge a sexually active woman simply because she has a vagina.

But what if a young woman wants to explore her sexuality? What if she does not want to wait for marriage or isn't really all that interested in marriage to begin with?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh Baby!! New Story Accepted!!!

YES! YES! YES! My erotic short story UNFOLDING HER WINGS has been accepted by Circlet Press for publication in their WOMEN ON THE EDGE OF SPACE anthology!!!! I'm doing the happy dance!!! This is my first attempt at hard science fiction (and SF in general), and I'm DELIGHTED it has been accepted!!! I'll keep everyone posted as to when it comes out so you may buy it.

I got help from a real, live astrophysicist for this story. It's about two women married to each other, one is pregnant, and they're living and working in space. Their names are Sun and Gatria, and Sun is seven months pregnant. They have a secondary partner named Shira whose on the space station with Sun whilst Gatria is working elsewhere in zero gravity on moss samples. Sun can't do that work because of the effects zero gravity will have on her and her baby's growth. It was a blast to write, but it was a BEAR! My astrophysicist friend was a great deal of help. If I can write a dedication in the book, I'll definitely thank him. I already e-mailed him and gushed like crazy.

This is me, right now:

Cover Art For "I Kissed A Girl 2"

This is the cover for "I Kissed A Girl 2", a book of lesbian erotica to be published by Ravenous Romance. My short story "Things That Go Hump In The Night" appears in this book. It's f/f paranormal. I don't have a specific release date yet, but I'm expected the book to come out in late March.

Giving Blogger A Go

I'm new to Blogger with my own account, but I've often commented on other people's blogs, so I'm giving it a go on my own.

Welcome fans, new and old. Keep an eye on me for updates on my books and upcoming releases.