Monday, May 13, 2013

Tuesday Tales - A Tasty Box Of Rocks

Welcome to Tuesday's Tales! This week's story is based on a picture prompt, which is the photo above of a town center. It looks very much like where I live, which is in a small New England town right on the ocean. I've brought Eric back again and I've introduced a new character - my female protagonist's college-aged son, Paul. This is the third story I've written with Eric, and you still don't know my female character's name. Maybe you'll never know. :) Enjoy this story, and look for more about Eric, Paul, and "the woman" next week.

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A Tasty Box Of Rocks
By Elizabeth Black

Eric and my son Paul took me out for Mother's Day, and I wanted a box of candy that looked like rocks! They resembled Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans from the Harry Potter books, but none tasted like boogers or ear wax. They looked like beach pebbles that had been washed smooth from the ocean surf.

Eric and Paul barely nipped at my heels as I ran down the street past shops full of ceramics, artisanal cheeses, and beach-themed t-shirts. The scent of low tide floated in the air around me. I loved living at the beach!

"How can you want a box of rocks after those crab cakes you inhaled?" Eric called.

"Mom, slow down!" Paul yelled.

Once inside the candy store, I bypassed the turtles and fudge for the rocks. I scooped two pounds into a bag, and handed it to Eric who handed it to a shop clerk. I inspected the seashells and candles on shelves as Eric and Paul paid for my booty.

Once inside the car, I opened the box and popped a pebble into my mouth. Rum hazelnut! Delicious!

"You aren't very observant." Eric snickered.

"Am too! What do you mean?"

"Dig through those rocks." Paul said.

Curious, I dug and pulled out a smaller box. I stared at Eric.

"Open it!" He said.

Sea glass earrings sat on velvet. I squealed and put them on.

"Squee!! I love them! How'd you sneak them into the candy when I wasn't looking?" I asked.

"It was easy. You were too busy reading greeting cards to notice."

I hugged him, nearly causing him to drive off the road. I turned to Paul in the back seat and mussed his hair. He tolerated the teasing.

This was the best Mother's Day ever!


  1. Awwww .... I love Eric !
    Great post-Mothers Day post :-)

  2. sweet. Eric really does seem like a great guy :D Hehe...Paul sounds like my kid...except mine doesn't tolerate the teasing quite as well. ;)

  3. Awwww loved it, so full of fun and energy ... and love.

  4. Love this sweet story! It's great to read about men being so nice and thoughtful and full of surprise.

  5. I'm glad all of you like the story so much. Eric will be a regular guest here. He's just awesome. I'll bring Paul back, too. He's new. This is his first appearance. Look for more of Eric and my heroine's antics (I really need to give her a name... or maybe that will be the joke, LOL) in future Tuesday's Tales.

  6. How sweet! Very thoughtful. Great excerpt

  7. Nice story! I love sea glass; now I want to see some sea glass earrings. and the candy rocks mmmmm

  8. Aww...two very sweet guys. Part of me was hoping that was a little bit of non-fiction... Very well done!

  9. Loved this sweet scene.Looking forward to seeing them again. Nicely done.

  10. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. Read more about Eric and his sweetie in this week's Tuesday's Tales.