Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome My Guest Blogger: Vampirique Dezire

Well okay, it was like this, Elizabeth and I belong to the same group for writers and she asked if anyone was interested in doing a guest blog on her site, the only stipulation being that it was to cover the topic of sex or a book you have out.

Now as I have only had one story published and that was in an anthology, I felt that it would be a bit hard to discuss it, so I figured SEX would be the way to go; until I had to sit down and write about it. I mean how hard is it to pick a topic of sex and write about it? I am a writer of Erotica; it shouldn’t be that hard, yeah right!

I found that writing about sex in a story is so much easier than writing for a guest blog.

In walks Hubby to help me choose a topic. Well after having to explain to him, in great depth I might add, what a blog was and showing him examples of different people’s blogs, I think he finally got the idea. And yes I am going to admit, HE NEVER READS MY BLOG!

So after a bit of discussion about what topic to choose, he came up with a few which I wasn’t so sure on. I could talk about having sex out in public and the thrill of getting caught and actually cite a couple of real life experiences we had together and how it felt. He then suggested sexy fruit but to be honest, fruit has never been something we have used or something I could feel confident in talking about. Ménage à Trois, now this is another great topic and one that I can talk about from personal experience. I thought perhaps I could talk about how Geeks are the new word in Sexy. Guess who shot that one down in flames? Yep you got it, Hubby.

But seriously though, it did make me consider what we have tried sex wise and if it was a success or not. I have always felt we were an average couple as far as sex was concerned. Then it was pointed out to us one day that we were actually the ‘abnormal’ ones, the ‘adventurous’ ones. 

Sex in Public

This is one of the most thrilling, adrenaline pumping forms of sex you can have. Our first taste of sex in public was at a beach in the sand dunes. Needless to say the excitement of being caught is with you and we were caught. Hubby was so embarrassed that he whipped the towel over himself and left me to lay there stark naked with the sun streaming down on me while a group of older men and women stood, staring, their eyes popping out of their heads while their mouths moved like fish desperate for water. We’ve had sex at the football oval while a match was happening. Thank goodness for screaming fans and sirens that can drown out the moans and groans of ecstasy as you reach your orgasm. Sex on a crowded train can be quite difficult to pull off but it can be done and because the train bounces around on the tracks and people jostle one another they don’t notice you are sitting on someone’s lap, bouncing up and down. Note to the wise though, you can make your lips bleed badly trying to hold back the moans.

Ménage à Trois

We have participated in a couple of f/m/f and m/f/m and each one has been a unique experience. Being bi-sexual and having another female to share with hubby would have to have been the best thing we could have participated in. The woman who involved had never been in a 3some before nor had she ever been with another woman, so lots of exploring, tasting and encouragement was definitely a must. I have to tell you, ladies if you have never had the chance to try a f/m/f with your partner, you honestly don’t know what you are missing. Seeing the look on your man’s face as she takes his cock deep within her mouth is such a horny moment. But I’m not going into full details as I am quite positive you will all know what the outcome ended up being and what we did to get there. Now a m/f/m is also a must to try but your man needs to be sure of himself before going into one. We tried this a couple of times, the first time well…let’s just say this guy had no idea how to go down on a female and wasn’t too impressed in being gently told that he was actually hurting. The other thing that turned me off was the amount of hair over his body. I personally cannot stand men who are hairy but this was beyond just being hairy, I truly do believe he was the missing link. Our next foray into a m/f/m was with a friend of ours and if ever the energizer bunny was put into human form it was this man and if he reads this he will know it’s him I am talking about. It was like being pampered and treated as a princess. You only had to think about having something licked or kissed or sucked and voila! It was happening. To me it seemed as though the three of us were in sync that day, it was incredible.

With what hubby and I have done, it has never caused problems in our marriage, if anything it has made us closer.

Thank you for having me Elizabeth, it’s been a blast!

*bites n kisses*

Vampirique Dezire


  1. Excellent guest blogging Vampirique

  2. Thanks for having me honey and hell I write such drivel it is not even funny...incoherent ramblings of a mad woman!

    Again Elizabeth, thank you xxx

  3. Thank you for being a guest on my blog, Vampirique!! And what you wrote was not incoherent. If you're a mad woman, you're in good company, :)

  4. Excellent post! Thank you Elizabeth for bringing us this honest and sizzling post by Vampirique.
    In my current relationship I've not yet had the pleasure of adding another to the mix but let me tell you when it happens, gotta find the right person to fit yet, the details will be forthcoming on my blog!

    I love that you were so open here Vampirique. It made me think just reading it!
    Now I gotta take a break and go off and... *naughty grin*


  5. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It's great you and your honey have such an wonderful relationship to be able to explore like that! Great post!

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments, I must admit I didn't add the part where hubby asked if there was any possibility of our kids reading it lol I think he was a tad embarrassed they would but then again knowing our sons they wouldn't believe their Dad could be like that anyway as he can be so 'proper' at times hehehe Oh if only they knew how deep still waters run!