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Guest Blogger: Mindi Ferrari

Hey, everyone, welcome Mindi Ferrari to my blog. Let's give her a warm welcome.


Writing erotica turns me on….. Isn’t that the point?

So to say that most of us erotica authors don’t get turned on by our own words would be silly. Just as silly as saying all of our reader and fans out there, including ourselves don’t get turned on by the books we read every day.  I think that most of us can agree that writing erotica is about the fantasy of something you have craved your entire life. We need that companion as humans to pull us in and take us on a journey that we don’t get to live in this lifetime. Most don’t admit the constant need and desire to be touched and needed like the characters we read about in our books get to experience. Erotica has this whole world of seduction, and can take you to a world filled with the best sex and pleasure that you drop to your knees begging for more. Yet some people deny this normal feeling that we write and read about in all our romance novels. Of course this is for another subject and time. 

So what do you do when you are sitting in a coffee shop or at a book store, or even at home and someone asks you why you read Erotica… You simply tell them “It turns me on” and if it is your spouse that asks you this hopefully it will turn him on now as well. Erotica has come to be known as the most sensual classy writing I have every read. Sure we can split up the different classes of erotica and even the heat level but to start it off it has to have some level of passion. It has to be able to grab to reader and pull them in and make them put themselves in the main characters shoes. Isn’t this why we pick the book that sounds most interesting, because we secretly want to read what we desire and fantasize about. 

I never read erotica before, until I read Sandy Sullivan’s “Love me once love me twice”, an amazing cowboy erotica western. She opened my eyes up to a world filled with wants and new loves. Sure since I am a writer I have read my fair share of pretty saucy romance novels but to experience an erotica is like touching base with your hidden desires. 

So I dare you all of you who said you would, and said you couldn’t. Pick up that book and smile. Because you will be bitten by the erotica bug.  And next time you read that book, and it makes you feel all hot inside, remember my blog here and then go buy my vampire romance “Midnight Assassins”  which will make you all hot and bothered inside hopefully the first time. I will leave you with an excerpt and a delicious goodbye from yours truly. Until then thank you Elizabeth it has been an extreme joy being here on your blog.


His boots crushed the ground beneath him, “One step at a time.” He told himself. “She will make it.”

His heart clenched and cracked like trees in a thunderstorm. The blood was dripping down the side of his arm and rushing to fall to the ground. Even something as simple as her blood and the scent that came from it made his fangs elongate, his nose tickle with excitement, and the bulge in his pants throb. He had to put those thoughts away because she was dying, he could sense it.

“That fucker is gonna die.” Nicholie’s patience was wearing thin, he knew that Jude had it covered but also knew that one kick to that mother fucker’s skull was not good enough for him.

He had to get her to the doc though and only had a few minutes left. She had been beaten hardcore the way his daddy used to beat him and his sister.

There was something about the woman he carried in his arms, something that made his heart beat out of order. Something that made the very core of him want to protect and keep her all to himself. Knowing she was human though made it out of the question. As he braced her body and ran fast toward the mansion, he knew without a doubt as soon as she was well, he would have to let her go. That’s if everything went the way it should but fate just might intervene against his will.

Nicky couldn’t even begin to feel the burn the fast pace was placing on his bones and skin, his muscles were working overtime but his mind was on the woman.

Within five minutes, he had made it fifty miles and up into the mountains where they lived. Stopping long enough at the gate to be buzzed in, Nicky ran straight for the building behind his house where the doc’s quarters were. Passing the rose bushes, he hit the front door, slammed it into the wall and knocked it off its hinges.

“Nicky what the hell are you doing?” As the doc rushed to help him with the woman, he grabbed at Nicholie’s arm and rushed him over to a table in one of the rooms.

The house the doc lived in was about three stories and each level had its own purpose. They however were on the middle level.

“I found her behind the hospital, just behind Shadow Lane. I got the damn bastard right before he pulled his jolly out of his pants.” His breathing never wavered, even though he had run faster than he ever had before.

“Jesus Nicky, you might have got her here right in time.” The doc rushed to his cabinet and pulled out a nineteen-gauge syringe with all the trimmings. As he went back to the woman’s side, he pulled her shirt away from her neck and stuck the needle in the jugular vein. “This will help calm her for a little while so I can examine her.”

He never asked questions when the doc did his duties, but for some reason, him being close to her made his body tense up. As the doc began to check over the woman, he knew he could hear the soft growl rising up in his throat.

The doc looked Nicholie in the eyes. “Steady there tiger—you okay?” Nicky felt the doc’s eyes on his every move, watching the expression on his face, Nicky knew he would get an ear full later. He was already so paranoid about the woman, and for no apparent reason. Just as he watched the doc reach the woman’s arm, Nicky went into panic mode, his chest heaving, a growl rising, suddenly he bared his fangs, “Nicky, I’m not going to hurt her I need to examine her and make sure we can get her to pull through this, okay?”

The growl stopped and his eyes eased back to normal.

“I just—shit, I’m sorry. I don’t know where that came from.”

“She’s human Nicky, you know that right? I mean I can help her and I will just considering the facts but—”

“But nothing, look I know the rules. I will give her head a wash and return her as soon as she’s well.”

Nicky watched as doc returned to the woman’s lifeless body to check her vitals. Right as he reached to take off her clothes, so he could examine the rest of her body for damage, Nicholie grabbed his hand and forced him to stop. This is my woman. Although he knew the doc needed to put a gown on her to begin using the hardcore machines, he felt it was within his territory, that it was his job. “I’ll do that, turn around,” Nicholie snapped faster than a two year old throwing a temper tantrum.

“Are you serious? Look I can’t do my job if you keep stopping me, Nicky, I can’t save her, now let me do what I have too. Get your emotions in check or I will be forced to make you leave. Don’t think I don’t have back-up.”

“I will help then, I will do what needs to be done physically, I don’t want you seeing her naked. I mean you don’t know her—I mean look, just let me take her clothes off and put her gown on then you can turn around.” The doc inhaled a deep breath.

“If it helps, but you mustn’t think I won’t ever see her naked, Nicky. Look what if she needs surgery?” As Nicholie nodded to the doc then took in a nice deep breath to get his emotions under control for the second time. The doc shrugged his shoulders and began to sit his supplies down. “Then do as you wish, Nicky, but as a doctor, I have morals and one of them is to not check out patients.”

“Fine, but do me a favor and stop saying my name so damn much, you’re making me hate it.”

“Good we agree then—I will do my job?” Nicholie nodded.


They both took off what was left of her clothes, and then he stood there in shock. Yes, he knew the human race, but to be honest, he didn’t know one human being was capable of surviving with this many bruises to their body, her tiny, delicate body. His heart wanted to cry but every single part of him stayed strong as they put her gown on and the doc hooked up her I.V.

“I will keep her on a slow drip of fluids and get an x-ray to see if anything is broken, judging by the look of her head, I would say that she at least cracked her skull. She will need an MRI to make sure that there is no swelling of her brain or other organs for that matter.” Nicholie brushed his finger over the side of her cheek and whispered softly into her ear.

“I don’t know you,” he said, “but I promise I will fix you.” Then stood straight up, knowing he couldn’t keep her even though there was something about her that felt like home.

“She is in good hands, Nicky, you know that.” He gripped the docs arms tight then pulled him closer in a tight embrace and watched as he backed away and bowed to him.

“Why do you do that?” Nicky’s brows burrowed.

“I’m more concerned with our race’s manners and behavior—” Dr. Woods shook his head, “Never mind, it’s called respect,” he said then walked away from Nicky, to the side of the human.

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  1. Wow...! I haven't read an erotica this good yet. And it's only an excerpt mind you. I can't wait to read the whole book! Thanks for putting it in your blog.