Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh Baby!! New Story Accepted!!!

YES! YES! YES! My erotic short story UNFOLDING HER WINGS has been accepted by Circlet Press for publication in their WOMEN ON THE EDGE OF SPACE anthology!!!! I'm doing the happy dance!!! This is my first attempt at hard science fiction (and SF in general), and I'm DELIGHTED it has been accepted!!! I'll keep everyone posted as to when it comes out so you may buy it.

I got help from a real, live astrophysicist for this story. It's about two women married to each other, one is pregnant, and they're living and working in space. Their names are Sun and Gatria, and Sun is seven months pregnant. They have a secondary partner named Shira whose on the space station with Sun whilst Gatria is working elsewhere in zero gravity on moss samples. Sun can't do that work because of the effects zero gravity will have on her and her baby's growth. It was a blast to write, but it was a BEAR! My astrophysicist friend was a great deal of help. If I can write a dedication in the book, I'll definitely thank him. I already e-mailed him and gushed like crazy.

This is me, right now:

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