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Great Review Of "I Kissed A Girl" By Sizzling Hot Books

The first review is in, and it's a good one! Thomas from Sizzling Hot Books enjoyed "I Kissed A Girl II". Here's the link to the review:

Sizzling Hot Books Review - I Kissed A Girl II

And here's the review. Enjoy! If you want more information on I Kissed A Girl II, including where to buy it, go to my "Short Stories" tab at the top of this web site and scroll down until you find the book. Everything you need is on that page.


I Kissed A Girl II Anthology
I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Storiescontains stories by thirteen authors. All of the stories are pretty good, and they vary in length from just a few pages to about five pages. Each of them is set in a different area or time period, which is good since they all involve lesbians.
This diverse collection travels the globe and the ages. No two settings or circumstances are alike, proving that women from every walk of life and culture are curious and eager to explore their full sexuality...with each other. You will be titillated, tantalized and swept away as you:
* Journey to Australia, where two long-time friends discover more than friendship
* Fly to Hawaii, for a language lesson interrupted
* Stop in Costa Rica, for a massage in a tree house
* Travel north to Alaska, where strangers connect
* Across Canada, to discover how co-workers release tension
* Over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom, where a concert is more than guitars strumming
* Close your eyes to wander into a mythical kingdom, where women take charge
* Voyage to historical Italy, to discover things are not always what they seem
* Jet back to the heat of Miami, and be entranced by a goddess, before exploring the rest of the USA to discover a host of erotic lesbian encounters!
Join us as we trot the globe and enjoy out-of-this-world experiences!
The two stories I would like to mention from I Kissed a Girl II are: Queen of Swords By Inara Lavey and Nimble Fingers by Lucy Felthouse.

The first story: Queen of Swords was an excellent read. It takes place in medieval times with a queen Adisa, that is fighting to keep her position. In this story the queen has to give the king an heir or else take part in a tournament to see if another women should take her place. She has sex with one of her servants Lyra, and the author does really well with setting the sex up. It takes place in a marble bathroom and you can feel the excitement in the air. With this story I really loved the setting of the medieval castle and the feelings that it portrayed.

The second story: Nimble Fingers was also an excellent read. This story centers around Jessica, a girl at a bar there to see the band. While watching the band, she really notices the guitarist Samantha and watches her intently. During one of the breaks, Samantha comes over and introduces herself. What follows is a night of sex fun that starts right there in the bar bathroom and ends at Samantha's house. This was a great read, you could feel the tension as the woman were both in the bathroom stall together and you could feel the heat rise all the way up until they got to her house.

Overall I enjoyed all the stories in I Kissed a Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories, but the two I mentioned above stood out the most for me. If you are interested in reading a few quick stories, and don't mind lesbian action, be sure to check out I Kissed a Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories.

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  1. Lots of my favourite smutters in this one! A must have!

    KD Grace