Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dee Dawning On Book Covers

Visit the Midnight Seductions blog and read what Dee Dawning has to say about creating his own book covers. He does a wonderful job, too! The cover is often the first thing a potential reader sees next to the title, and it better be eye-catching.

Here's an excerpt from Dee's post:

For writers who aren't able to make covers, you don't need to. All you need is the image. And the images are available for your perusal on line. There are a dozen or more of such sites. Careful though, images at some online image warehouses are quite pricey.

I use mostly I Stock, Can Stock, 123RF, Fotolia and Dreamstime. Now that I'm involved with and making covers for a brand new publisher, I imagine I'll be using them more and more, since I'll be making more and more covers.
Also read the blurb to his latest book, "Duped!". Revenge is best served cold.


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