Monday, December 3, 2012

We Owe You Our Lives - Epic Score

I must score this CD! Reminds me of Era and ES Posthumus. The song is "We Owe You Our Lives" by Epic Score, from their album "Epic Action and Adventure Vol. 7". I heard this song playing on an AMC This Month commercial.


  1. first, MERRY CHRISTMAS :) I have a question your NAUGHTY FAIRY TALE collection is it in print and if so where ? Thanks

  2. Merry Christmas, helene! I'm sorry but the Naughty Fairy Tale collection is available only in ebook form. If you're interested in buying the books, I'm holding a special sale right now. Both "Climbing Her Tower" (erotic Rapunzel) and "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" (erotic Puss In Boots) are $.99 each for Christmas. The sale will last until New Year's Day 2013. If you don't own them yet, this is a good time to buy them. They're available at Amazon and Smashwords.