Monday, December 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tales - Picture Prompt Snowy Cabin - Roughing It

Welcome to my latest Tuesday's Tales! This week's theme is a picture prompt of a snowy cabin. Perfect for this festive time of year. For more Tuesday's Tales, please go to the Tuesday's Tales web site. There are lots of good free stories to read. Enjoy!


Roughing It
By Elizabeth Black

The cabin loomed ahead of Linda, looking uninviting. She hated it. Cold smacked her across the face.

"Linda, would put the groceries in the cart? I'll take them in when I come back outside. BRB!" Before she could answer he headed for the cabin.

"Stay here a second." Pete said as he opened the front door. "I have a surprise for you. You're going to love it. Okay, come inside." She wondered what the surprise was.

She stepped inside and did a double-take at what she saw. Plush furniture sat in the center of the room - a comfortable-looking couch, two overstuffed armchairs, and a hassock to rest her feet. The glass coffee table faced a wide-screen TV larger than the one they had at home. A big butcher block table sat dead center in the kitchen, and the gas stove was the most modern you could buy. A cappuccino maker, coffee grinder, French press, and plate of scones sat on a counter. Next to the coffee goods were a toaster, microwave, Kitchenaid mixer, and Cuisinart.

Linda couldn't have been happier. She ran to Pete and wrapped him in her arms. "I love it! This wasn't what I was expecting at all! Thank you!"

He kissed her. To Linda's surprise he got down on his knees before her. He pulled a small box out of his pants pocket. Linda's heart skipped a few beats. He opened the box and a large cut diamond gleamed in the light. "Linda, will you marry me?"

"Of course I will!" She cried as she tumbled to the floor and scooped him up in her arms. Now that they were alone and time had all but stopped in the dead of the mountains, she knew she couldn't say anything but yes.


  1. Love the controversy beginning here. Nice to see a woman out of her element and curious as to how she will survive- lol


  2. Pete seems like a real keeper to me. I hope she fully appreciates him :-)

  3. What a set-up, I'd never have to leave that cabin!

  4. I'd make the cabin my home. I'm liking Pete all ready.

  5. Love this piece! Modern heaven in the middle of the snowy mountains. How perfect. I' ready to go there myself. Great post, Lizzie.

  6. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. That cabin has more modern amenities than my own apartment. LOL