Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday Tales - WIP Excerpt: "The Little Mermaid"

Below is an excerpt from my WIP, an erotic retelling of "The Little Mermaid". I love writing erotic versions of fairy tales. See my other two linked at the top of this page. "The Little Mermaid" is perfect for this week's Tuesday Tales prompt, which is "silent". The Little Mermaid has lost her voice and can neither sing nor speak. This scene takes place when the princess, to whom the Little Mermaid's prince is engaged, discovers the mermaid in human form and drags her to her bedroom. She ties her to the bedposts. At that point, the prince storms in and demands to know what the princess is doing.


"What are you doing, Mizu? Leave her alone."
"So this is what you want in my place? You can't do better?" She pulled my hair, and I opened my mouth in silent agony. My eyes pleaded with my prince to set me free, but he only glared at his future bride. "There's barely any meat on her bones." She tied my other wrist to the opposite bed post, and then restrained my feet to the lower posts. My heart raced in dread like a bird fluttering in a gilded cage. "You like to watch. Well, watch this."
I lay spread-eagle on my stomach, resisting the pull of the restraints. As I struggled, pain more intense than the pain in my legs slammed into my bum. I turned my head to see the princess brandishing a flogger whip! She reared up and struck me again, hard, on my right bum cheek. The sting stabbed through my muscle to my core, where I felt the most thrilling heat. The slightest struggle set my legs afire, but I wanted more! My body stiffened in both pain and pleasure as I buried my face in a pillow and moaned silently in arousal. What was happening to me? I didn't expect to like pain!
"You've found on odd one. Does she enjoy my wrath?" The princess brought that whip down once more on my buttocks and the sensuous tightness deep within me uncoiled, leaving me thrashing upon the bed in the throes of ecstasy I had never before felt. Why had I not felt such exquisite pleasure when my prince first took me? I arched my back, aiming my bum high in the air. I curled my toes in response to the sweet torture she gave me, for she captured my attention like no other had ever done before.
She tossed aside the whip and spanked me hard with one slender hand. The power and passion behind that slap intensified my arousal and interest in this fine woman. Her anger heated my skin. Oh, to feel her body against mine! What was happening to me? I came to the surface to seduce my true love, and here I was falling under the spell of a lovely but enraged young woman. Her rage fueled my desire. The louder her voice grew, the more I wanted her to punish me.
Big hands gripped my feet. Jolts of pain shot through my soles into my fledgling calves. I groaned in silence, and although I made no sound, they understood my desire. His thumbs kneaded my arches, eliciting stabbing pain so severe tears poured from my eyes. I nearly fainted from pain but each jolt of agony slammed into my core, causing an eruption of pleasure the likes of which I had never before felt. He took a braided jumble of nails from a bedstand and scratched it against the bottoms of my feet. I twisted my body in delight as intense pain coursed through my legs. My body thrashed in a paroxysm of intense pleasure, one wave after another, as he jabbed those nails into my feet so hard I felt skin break.
"She likes foot torture. You've found quite a treasure, my love," she said. "Let's share her."


  1. Phew! That was quite the toasty scene! *fans face*

  2. Thank you! I submitted the story for an anthology call. I hope to get a response soon.

  3. Wow! I like to inflict pain on my slavegirl's sexy feet and watch her squirm in pleasure...