Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm At Two Blogs Today - Visit And Comment!

For those here for the Romance Reviews Year End Splash, go to my "Climbing Her Tower" book tab at the top of this web site. You'll find your contest answer there. The winner gets a copy of the book. Good luck!


Two blogs and two great posts! Head on over, read blurbs and find buy links, and enjoy talking about Thanksgiving and food porn.

One more week until Thanksgiving in the U. S. Did you know plumbers do especially well this time of year? There are also some horror stories about people who chose to deep fry their turkeys, as in flames rising so high the fire department had to be called! Read some hilarious Thanksgiving horror stories at Dawn's Reading Nook, per my blog post.

I'm at KD Grace's today talking about food porn and fairy tales. Learn how to eat and savor every decadent bite. You'll never look at food the same way ever again. Head on over, read, and comment!

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