Thursday, November 15, 2012

Birthdays And Why I Won't Have One Next Year - And Neither Will You!

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Welcome to the Midnight Seductions Birthday Bash!

My husband and son will have one more birthday, but I won't. See, my husband's birthday is this Saturday. My son's is December 29. He was a tax baby. My last birthday was in March, and it really was my last birthday. If you don't have a birthday between now and December 21, you won't have any more either.

Want to know why?

Ask the Mayans.

According to the latest silly conspiracy theory, the Mayan Apocalypse is December 21. According to Wikipedia (and you know if you find it on Wiki it must be true), the Mayan Apocalypse is "
regarded as the end-date of a 5,125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae have been proposed as pertaining to this date, though none have been accepted by mainstream scholarship."

In other words, we're screwed.

The last time people got all worked up over a silly end-of-world date like this, it was for the Rapture. Of course, the Rapture didn't happen. I, like many like-minded individuals, held a Post-Rapture Looting Party on Facebook the day after the Rapture. I intend to do the same thing this year on December 22. 
Want to come to my Post-Mayan Apocalypse Looting Party on December 22? Just friend me on Facebook and hang out with me and all the other looters that day. BYOB! My Post-Rapture Looting Party was a great success. I expect this party to be just as successful. I'm also participating in the Zombie/Mayan Apocalypse Blog Hop Blow Out from December 21 through December 31. It'll be one great big long party from Mayan Apocalypse Day to New Year's Eve! And I'm giving away a copy of one of my books as a prize in a contest. Want to read either one of my erotic fairy tales? Choose between "Climbing Her Tower" (erotic Rapunzel) or "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" (erotic Puss In Boots). The lucky contest winner gets one!

Here's the link to my Facebook page. Join up, friend me, and get ready to party!

I'm also having a contest with THIS post! First, please join my Facebook page if you haven't already. Then, leave a comment about anything you like in my comments. Make sure you include your email address in your comment so I may write to you if you win. Talk about the holidays, your own plans for the end of the world, how you fend off zombies, etc. One winner will get a choice between "Climbing Her Tower" and "Trouble In Thigh High Boots". But the winner better read fast, since you have only about a month before The End Times happens. Also, Midnight Seductions is hosting a contest to win a Kindle Fire! Enter by submitting the proper information below.  Here are the other Midnight Seductions authors. Visit their blogs for more contests and birthday posts.

If this party goes through and the Mayan Apocalypse is a dud, I will have a birthday in 2013. If not... well, it was a good life. 

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  1. I haven't had a birthday since I turned 29 so no problem. I just keep having anniversaries of my 29th birthday instead.! Congrats on 5 years MSA!

  2. LOL. What's a Birthday? I stopped counting severallllll years ago. I'll be looking forward to your FB party.


  3. My husband is a firm believer in the Mayan calendar. He wants to prepare for the end of the world. I want to know if the world is ending, why prepare. You're going to die anyway, right? Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!
    Rhonda D

  4. I haven't gotten a birthday prezzie since I was a kid but the best presents are the ones made by my kids. Whether it be a card or a gift


  5. Hmmm...I usually paint Christmas ornaments by hand for friends and family, but if the world is ending, I either need to A) hurry up or B)give whatever one might need when the world ends. Canned goods?

    Miadowning007 AT

  6. We had planned what we would do on December 21st quite a few years ago along with my life partner who passed away last year. We all agreed. The two school-age daughters will stay home, tho two older daughters to come here. The plan remains, although what we are going to consume has become more elaborate... and bizarre!

    We will buy every kind of munchies and fast food we can possibly consume (and a few we won't. Our dogs are going to LOVE us!!), enough soda to guarantee a sugar high *well* into the next decade, (not to mention ridiculous dental bills), rent every and any movie we want, drag out every pillow, blanket, and sleeping bag we own and then happily sprawl out in one fabulous, over-indulgence of a carpet picnic... and groan the next day from ramifications of said endeavor.

    ::grins:: Yeah, I know. I'm mom of the year material! And as for us, the only thing we are certain of, besides the world will be the same mess on December 22nd -and it will be a three day weekend, our bathroom is going to be busier than normal!

    I believe this is going to be a fun day! I'll have to peek in on you that day as well now! See you on the 21st, and the 22nd.... and the 23rd.... ::grins::

  7. I love celebrating birthdays and wouldn't want to give that up:) The best gift for me would be a gift card to a bookstore.

  8. Happy love the idea of a Post-Mayan Apocalypse Looting Party! I just don't buy into any of that stuff - and it seems like there's some kind of Rapture prediction every 5, 10 or 20 years - don't buy into those either....though I do like the idea of not getting for the great giveaway!

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  9. @Rhonda D Your post had me cracking up!
    Starting now, I plan on eating all the cheesecake, deep dish pizza, bacon cheeseburgers and walnut brownies I can. If the world is ending, I am going out with a bang! If it's not...then i'm screwed and once again my New Year's resolution will be to exercise more. :P

    mizztuts AT bellsouth DOT net

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  11. If this was true, my sister would miss out on her last birthday by 1 day! I don't hold much stock on that belief, though, because the calendar has changed since then, and there's always something, like Maria D. said. At the end of '99, it was Y2K. If one is to follow that kind of thing, Nostradamus is the one to follow, and according to him we still have one more anti-Christ and a few more popes to go!! :)
    dea DOT al DOT mon87 AT gmail DOT com

  12. I love gifts no matter how small. Just the thought that someone put into it makes the difference. The best are always from the heart.

  13. I think the best birthday gift is just to have your family around you.

  14. Happy 5th birthday! I still count my birthdays. Mine is in March. Hopefully we will all be here to celebrate all of our birthdays.

  15. Sorry, I don't FB but want to wish you a Happy non-birthday anyway! Thanks for chatting at NOR, it was fun reading about your erotic fairy tales!