Thursday, February 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #20: Don't Call Me Baby

This is my twentieth Six Sentence Sunday. The six sentences are from Don't Call Me Baby, my contemporary erotic romance/women's fiction set in the 1980s. This book will be half off at AllRomanceEBooks next week. Get it for five bucks!

Enjoy my six sentences. I'm giving you a little insight into Catherine Stone's situation and characters. She's the protagonist of the novel.
She wasn't a ditsy little airhead who traveled with mumsy and dadders over the holidays at Vail to go skiing, and who giggled at the frat boy jokes told by the guys from the brother-college military academy. Quincy was for rich girls who wanted to get their MRS degree, something Catherine didn't know until she had gone to classes for a week, and when she figured out that she attended what was nothing more than a finishing school, she begged her parents to let her transfer but they refused. So here she was, trapped at Quincy, trying to make the best of a bad situation. Not a quiet and demure rich girl who dressed in ski sweaters and drive a Beemer. She grew up in an industrial town with a machinist father and a secretary mother. She was a working class young woman in a sea of trust fund daughters and older, male tenured professors who weren't used to someone as earthy, blunt, and sensuous as she.


  1. Wow Liz, that was some very interesting stuff about Catherine. She wasn't anything like the other girls, but it was too bad that her parents sent her away for school.

  2. Thanks, Ray. I know Catherine's life would have been much different - and better - if she had attended a different school.