Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

You can count on me to turn Valentine's Day on its head.

I found these "The Walking Dead" Valentine's Day cards yesterday and I sent out a few. I hate most crap I see on Valentine's Day. I don't do cute plush monkeys, puppies, and bears. I wanted to find a plush toy kitten or cat for V-D but there weren't any... anywhere. What gives? Cat lovers like fake holidays too!

I don't get into Whitman's Samplers either because those candies taste like fiberglass wrapped in axle grease. I prefer my chocolates from a local beach candy shop that's been in business since the 1920s. We're going to the movies today to see "The Woman In Black" (at long last!!) and we'll stop at this candy store to stock up on chocolate truffles and candy pebbles. Handmade candy can't be beat. I'll even get some chocolate walnut fudge because my husband hates the stuff. More for me!

Of course, for the guys, today begins the countdown to the day they are looking forward to. Get ready for it.

Steak and BJ Day

That's on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. It's the snarky dude's answer to feeling forced to give roses, chocolates, and dinners to women they want to go to bed with. You know what else makes that day special?

It's my birthday. I used to say my birthday fell on the day before the Ides of March. Now I say it's on Steak and BJ Day. It's sad that my date of birth is associated with blow jobs and a major assassination.

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day. And the perfect quote for this day is by Stephen King:  "... I have the heart of a small boy... and I keep it in a jar on my desk."



  1. Love it Lizzie- the perfect tribute to an over commericalized fake holiday.

    I don't celebrate it and refuse to give into its so-called meaning


  2. I like all the holidays, including the fake ones. I even celebrate "Talk LIke A Pirate" day. LOL I don't mind the commercialism. I actually get a kick out of it.

    Of course, the snarky Valentine's Day cards are the best but you can only find the good ones online so I sent one to my husband today. He loved it. :)