Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More On Japan Relief

Numerous authors are participating in writing projects designed to provide money to the Japanese in light of the recent earthquakes and tsunami. A close friend of mine who is a writer hails from Japan, so the devastation that country has experienced touched close to home for me. This man has told me over the years about his own personal history, his childhood growing up in a coastal Japanese town during World War II, his travels around the world, and we've shared both friendship and writing. I wanted to do something to help when news of the earthquakes and tsunami broke.

I've written two stories based on Japanese folklore, so I chose one as my personal project. I'm also participating in an invitation-only anthology project to benefit the Japanese that will be released in June. My story for that project is almost finished. In my personal project, I chose to donate proceeds from my short story Fountain Of Youth to the Red Cross.

From the press release:
Searching for a way to help relief efforts, Ms. Black and her publisher Romance Divine, LLC collaborated to earmark all sales of her short erotic story Fountain of Youth through June 15, 2011 to be donated to the Red Cross foundation to assist the Japanese in their recovery.
Fountain of Youth is particularly appropriate as it is an m/m erotic short story based on a Japanese folk tale. In Ms. Black's Americanized version, as in the Japanese original, a lesson is learned: be careful what you wish for. What if you could have a do-over; a second chance at love and romance with the object of your heart’s desire? What would you wish for? Careful, sometimes wishes do come true, but they might not always be exactly what you expect. Sydney finds romance, and changes, after discovering a secret Fountain Of Youth.
For more information, including cover art and buy links, please go to my web site - All proceeds from this short story sold through June 15 will be donated to the Red Cross foundation to help with relief efforts in Japan.

The second story I wrote based on Japanese folklore is Mud Licker, published by Circlet Press in its Like A Myth anthology. Mud Licker came in 7th in the "Top Ten" at the Preditors and Editors Poll Awards for "Best Romance Short Story". Buy the book and find out why!!

This anthology of erotica is based on unusual folklore. Mud Licker is a hot and sexy romp based on Japanese folklore. Suffice to say this odd little horny creature lives in bathrooms, and cleans them up - with his two foot long tongue.

You may find more information about this story on my Short Stories  tab on my web site. Scroll down until you come to Like A Myth.

So enjoy some unusual erotic tales with Japan as the focal point, and participate in a worthy project at the same time. Fountain Of Youth is rising in Kindle rankings, and it is in the top 20 at AllRomanceEbooks for my publisher, Romance Divine. Please buy the book and send its ranking even higher!

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