Friday, April 22, 2011

Cheesecake Thursday #2 - A Day Late!

Ever since I started my very popular Man Candy Tuesday posts, I've heard from a few men that they feel left out. Poor dears! I can't let that happen! So now I'm beginning Cheesecake Thursdays, a day dedicated to the sexiest women out there. This week's Cheesecake Thursday may be a day late, but it's never too late for cheesecake!

I've decided to start this new series because of my new release, "Things That Go Hump In The Night", which appears in the lesbian anthology "I Kissed A Girl II: More Virgin Lesbian Stories", published by Ravenous Romance. For information on this book, please visit my "Short Stories" tab at the top of this page. You'll find all the info you need about the book there. My short story "Unfolding Her Wings" appears in "Women On The Edge Of Space", published by Circlet Press. This book is science fiction, and it's my first published science fiction story. Whilst this book is not officially released until May 3, you may find it now at Circlet and at Amazon Kindle.

So in honor of my first ever science fiction story with three lesbian characters, here are some futuristic and fantastic images of women, including some by artist Frank Frazetta.

My short story "Unfolding Her Wings" is about Sun and her spouse, Gatria, two women who work in space. Pregnant Sun can't work in zero gravity due to her condition, so she stays on the space station, away from Gatria for several months and she misses her. Their secondary partner Shira keeps her company and provides comfort, friendship, and much more - but Sun wants Gatria! Even though the future promises massive changes, some things remain the same. How to cope? Read the story and see how they fare.

You may find more information about this book at my "Short Stories" tab at the top of this page. Here's more for your convenience.

Women On The Edge Of Space
Includes short story "Unfolding Her Wings" by Elizabeth Black
Genre: Erotic lesbian science fiction
Publisher: Circlet Press, Inc. 
Release date: May 3, 2011
ASIN number: B004WF3JPW

Buy Links:

Circlet Press

Amazon Kindle


In these four stories, women explore the uncharted trails of human desire as they rocket through space and transcend time and place. They inspire fear and hope in the face of danger and uncertainty, and the thrills of satiating a hunger for intimacy in a strange new world. Women on the Edge of Space features stories by Elizabeth Black, Shanna Germain, Kaysee Renee Robichaud, and Laurel Waterford.

Space is a place that is full of mystery. Traveling through outer space is a journey unlike any other, letting go of the usual sense of place and time and opening up to new possibilities. Just as one may never find the edge of the universe, one can never truly know why she falls in love with certain people; she can only embrace her feelings, or deny them. To map out the course of a human’s sexuality, as making a complete chart of the universe, is futile, for like space, the capacity for love and desire is infinite.

Space is also a place of escape, where one can let go of all her earthly worries and inhibitions and just drift away, allowing the forces of a more mysterious nature overcome. The space opera combines the improbability of science fiction and the impossibility of fantasy, and when the erotic is added to the mix, our desires can find a place even within the farthest reaches of nothingness. Outside of the earthly limitations of prejudice and discrimination, women can claim space for their own, living how they want and loving whomever they choose, exploring their sexuality in ways they never thought possible.


[From "Unfolding Her Wings", which is about pregnant Sun and her spouse, Gatria, who live and work in space. Sun remains at home on the space station and misses Gatria, who is away from home working  in zero-G. Sun no longer works in zero-G due to the effect is has on her and her growing fetus. Their secondary partner, Shira, stops by to check  on Sun and feed her breakfast on Gatria's orders. ]

Sun let Shira feed her, since she liked it when Shira took care of her. She and Gatria had opened their relationship to other women prior to marriage, and Shira became a regular fixture in their lives. She rested her head on Shira’s chest as she swallowed hard to alleviate the nausea. Shira’s strong hand rubbed her lower back until her body relaxed. Once she felt calm, she raised her head to stare into Shira’s eyes. 

“Do you know that now you are sexier than you’ve ever been?” Shira whispered.

“I don’t feel sexy. I feel like bulging atomic gas. I can’t even work in space because the zero-G will mess up the baby’s bones, organs, my pregnancy weight gain, whatnot. I feel so ugly.” She had mixed feelings about being in space. On the one hand she missed Gatria and their work in zero gravity. On the other hand, she wanted to be home at the space station with both feet planted firmly on the ground when it came time to raise their daughter. She was a bundle of contradictions. She feared her unknown and changing future, and felt more than a little confusion.

“You’re in transition right now. With Gatria’s help you’ll make the right decisions. And you’re sexier than you know,” Shira lowered her head and brushed her lips against Sun’s, who opened her mouth without being asked. Shira’s tongue slipped in, and Sun tasted chocolate and coffee. She’s melting cocoa in her coffee again… The smooth, sweet taste flowed over her tongue as she kissed Shira, and she felt a stirring in her belly as the woman opened Sun’s robe to reveal her large, bare breasts.

“These are especially nice.” She took one plump, blue-veined breast in her hand. “You gained a few cup sizes, Love, and you smell incredible. May I help myself?”

Sun ran her fingers through Shira’s hair and guided the woman’s head to her darkened, hard nipples.

“Mmmm… you taste good.”

“It’s the pre-milk coming from my breasts. How’s it taste?”

“Sweet. Delicious. Gimme more.” She sucked hard and Sun moaned. “Breakfast won’t be ready for another twenty minutes. We have time to play. Get in your massage chair, and let me take care of you.”


  1. The "Queer Pulp" cover is GORGEOUS.

  2. I love pulp book covers. They're so sexy. ;)