Sunday, November 19, 2017

Writers Retreat In Maine

I'm in Maine for a writers retreat with women from Broad Universe. The location and the house are beautiful! I have an idea for a speculative fiction story that needs more thought before I can write it. I also am working on my erotic fairy tales for my collection. I just beefed up "Riding Little Red" so that it's not so two-dimensional. It's much meatier now and it has more substance.

I like to go for walks at home around the beach or on the esplanade by Gloucester Harbor. Here, I walked down to the bay. There is a picnic area with benches and grills that would be perfect if the weather weren't so damned cold! The air is crisp and clean, though. I saw some chipmunks chase each other up trees. Squirrels, too.

Here is a movie of the bay. The ocean it out beyond it.

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