Friday, November 24, 2017

All My Podcasts To Date

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to continue Into The Abyss With Elizabeth Black. I took a break all summer and fall and I really don't feel up to it for the holidays. I'm concentrating on my writing since I have a book I need to finish, one that needs editing, and one that needs a hell of a lot of work. In case I decide to stop doing the podcasts, here is a list of all the ones I've done so far. They include my show Into The Abyss With Elizabeth Black and my other show The Women Show.

Into The Abyss With Elizabeth Black

Josh Malerman

Sephera Giron and Cal Orey

Billie Sue Mosiman, Sephera Giron, Nikki Guerlain, Dana Fredsti (259 listens in 4 days)

Tom Deady (60 listens in 3 days)

Bennet Pomerantz (34 listens 2 day; maybe 109 on 3rd day)

Walt Bost (47 listens 2 days, 18 3rd day)

The Women Show

Gina Kinkade

Trent Zelazny

Christine Morgan

Brian M. Sammons

Madeleine Shade

Joe R. Lansdale

Leigh M. Lane

Jen Winters, Phoenix Johnson, Christine Morgan

Jack Ketchum

Broad Universe – Terri Bruce, Morven Westfield, and Trisha Wooldridge

Cherry Wild, Sophia Soror – Fairy Tales Show

Loren Rhoads (last show – July 21, 2016)

Blog Talk Radio Shows With Marsha Casper Cook

Valentine's Day – Me, Melisssa Keir, Lindsay Downs, Bernard Foong, Walter J. Bissett, William Maltese,.

Joe Lansdale, Trent Zelazny, Christopher Beck, Brian Moreland (Brent Millis was invited but never showed)

Trent Zelazny

Madeleine Shade, Dellani Oakes, Melissa Kier

Cree Walker, Sharita Lira, Angelica Dawson, Gina Kincade

Naughty Nights Press Authors

Trent Zelazny, Dana Fredsti

Madison Montgomery, Dawne Prochilo, Brindle Chase, Kathleen Tighe, and Jean Joachim

Nikki Guerlain, Lori Wolfe Safranek

Daniel Knauf

Romance Is In The Air – Romance Authors

Dellani's Tea Time

Dellani Oakes, Viv Drewa, Jo Ramsey

Anything Goes

Elizabeth Black, Melissa Keir, Leeann Sontheimer Murphy and Yvonne Mason

Elizabeth Black (me as guest)

Elizabeth Black (me as guest)

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