Monday, May 6, 2013

Tuesday Tales - Sweat Equity

Welcome to Tuesday's Tales! This week's word prompt is "laughter". I like Eric from my last Tuesday's Tale "The Queen Of Sulk" so much I brought him back for another story. I hope you enjoy it. To read the rest of the stories by some fine authors, go to the Tuesday's Tales Web Site


Sweat Equity
By Elizabeth Black

The inside of this rental looked bigger than the outside. What was this place, the Tardis? I couldn't believe my luck. Mesmerized, my heart raced in anticipation of the possibility of living amid oak floors and walnut and plaster walls. My Moroccan lanterns would look great hanging from those walnut cross beams on the ceiling, and I imagined basking in front of that delicious granite fireplace. Eric took me by the arm and followed the real estate agent to the back of the house. We walked a few steps down into a cozy room that faced an awakening garden. The French doors opened onto a patio, and I heard cheery birdsong. Forsythia bloomed by the windows. In the distance I saw a weeping olive whose blooms had just opened. Floral perfume filled the air. I imagined myself planting sage and rosemary in a knot garden beneath that tree.

Yes, I could live here.

Eric had owned a house before we met, and he didn't want to own another one. As far as he was concerned, a house was a hole in the ground and you throw money in it. We couldn't afford to buy a house so we rented a two-bedroom hole in the wall. The place was far too small. One bedroom was nothing but storage, and I had a scorching case of claustrophobia. The maintenance guys never fixed the two out of three broken water heaters in the apartment complex, and they rarely replaced bulbs in the hallway and laundry room lights. There was nothing as much fun as folding underwear in the dark.

I wanted out, and I needed space. Eric knew it but being as much of a procrastinator as I was, he didn't do much about it. Until now.

"I see this room as our bedroom." Eric said as he took me by the hand. "What do you think?"

"I'm stunned. When did you find this house?"

"A couple of days ago. I made an appointment for today, partially to surprise you since I know you weren't expecting to look at new digs anytime soon. I know how unhappy you are in the apartment so I found a few houses for us to look at." He smiled, and patted me on the butt. "I did it because I love you. I want to take good care of you, and we're both miserable in that matchbox."

Overwhelmed with joy, I hugged him so hard he nearly toppled over. "This house looks like my dream come true. I can't believe it's an ocean view. How on earth did you pull that off?"

"It's newly on the market, and it won't be for long. The real estate agent told me the owners live in Florida and want to rent the place out year-round." Eric winked at me. "You know, we're alone for a few moments. There's a walk-in closet in that corner. We can break the place in, see if it's right for us. "

"It's right for us."

"We need to be sure." He slipped one finger down my ass, and I jumped. He nodded his head towards the closet, and tugged at my shorts. A quick glance over my shoulder told me we were alone, but I knew we wouldn't be for long.

"Are you mad? What if she catches us?" I whispered.

"I'm sure we wouldn't be the first." He guided me to the closet.

"You're such an exhibitionist. If there's no risk of getting caught, you're less interested." I protested, but I didn't stop him. I had a bit of a daring streak myself.  Overwhelmed with joy at the possibility of living in a lovely and spacious new home and sudden lust over our momentary solitude, I grabbed him by the arms and dragged him to that closet. Once inside, he backed me into a corner and ground his hips into mine. I felt his erection poke at my belly. So the prospect of getting caught did turn him on! He slipped his hands down the back of my shorts and squeezed each of my butt cheeks until I whimpered in pain. In seconds, one finger slid inside my pussy.

"You're wet," He moaned in his best Barry White voice. "You're such a dirty girl, wanting to get hot and heavy in a closet within earshot of our real estate agent." He twirled his finger inside me as if he dipped into a honeypot and wanted to lick his fingers. I spread my legs to accommodate him, but I was distracted by every pop and creak coming from the house. I heard footsteps tapping on the floor, and pulled away.

"Oh, don't." His disappointment rang in my ears. "I'm so horny I can taste you. Let's have a quickie."

"The real estate agent!" I hissed. "She's coming!"

"She's not the only one!" Eric nibbled on my throat as he pinned me into the corner. His lips crushed mine, tongue dipping into my mouth to dance a tango with my own. My pulse did the Bristol Stomp in my groin, and I wanted release badly. His fingers slid into my pussy as I wrapped one leg around his waist.  I was so wet I could have left a trail.

Excited over the thrill of our forbidden tryst, I was suddenly overcome with the giggles. I couldn't help myself. My laughter echoed in the closet.

"Shhh!!! You're too loud!" Eric groaned as his fingers strummed my clit. He played me like a banjo.

"I can't help it! You're tickling me, too. Stop it!" My laughter bubbled uncontrolled out of my mouth so fast and furious I buried my face in his shoulder in the hope that his polo shirt would drown out the noise.

It didn't.

He etched his name inside me with his finger, marking his property. I was his honeypot, his true love, his soulmate. I belonged to him, and both of us knew it. Overcome with lust and excitement, I howled with laughter as his fingers wrote dirty limericks on my inner walls. Each motion of his fingers inside me tickled intensely, and I writhed against him, my peels of laughter rising around us. I didn't care if the entire town heard us. I was having the time of my life in what might have been my new home.

Five loud raps on the wall outside the closet startled me so much I jumped and nearly lost my balance.

"We have two more houses to look at, once you kids are done in there." The real estate agent could barely keep the laughter out of her voice. "I'll be in the car. Take your time." Footsteps tapped out of the room and out of earshot.

"What do you say we inspect the kitchen?" Eric wrapped his arms around me, holding me so tightly I couldn't move. "It has a gas stove. I'm in Heaven."

"What about the other two houses?"

"I hear they're even better than this one." He took me by the hand and guided me to a large, open kitchen area. A butcher block table held the place of honor in the center of the room. I knew what Eric had in mind, and I welcomed the excitement.

I hopped on the table and spread my legs. "Want to inspect my oven?" I asked, overcome again with fits of laughter.

By the time we finished, we both needed a cigarette and we didn't even smoke.


  1. Busted! Very funny - and sexy - excerpt!

  2. So naughty and fun...a litle exhibitionism goes a long way :D

  3. Thanks V. L. I like Eric. I think I'll keep bringing him back. LOL

  4. Sarah, Eric definitely has his little exhibitionistic streak. :)

  5. Hilarious! Sexy, funny, well written. Great story, Lizzie.

  6. Well done! I could see it all.

  7. hot hot hot and yet sooooo much fun to read. I really like Eric as well!

  8. :-) Great scene, wonder what they'll get up to in the next two houses? lol

  9. Thanks so much, Jean. I do like writing comedy.

  10. Kathleen, Eric is very naughty. I like him that way. :D

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  12. Thanks, Jillian! I really appreciate it.

  13. Iris, I'm glad you like Eric. I'm going to bring him to more Tuesday's Tales from now on. And thank you. :)

  14. Sherry, I might cover the next two houses in future TTs. Thanks!

  15. That was awesome! Can we have a description of the next two houses too? (please?) I love Eric!

  16. Thanks. Tricia! Yes, I will describe their trysts in the next two houses in future Tuesday's Tales. Good idea! I'm glad you love Eric. He's quite special to me. I like him very much.

  17. "Writing limericks" That is one unique description for this scene. Great piece.