Friday, May 4, 2012

My Inspirations For "Feral Heat"

Welcome, readers who are coming here for the Men of May Blog Hop. Please leave a comment and your email address to qualify for my giveaway. I'm giving away a copy of my werewolf erotic romance "Feral Heat" to a lucky winner. Check the top of my web site for more information on this book. It's the first book in a series.


My book "Feral Heat" is about the antics and romances of Grant Newsome and Sam Hightower, two very sexy bisexual stagehands who have a problem when the full moon rolls around each month. They are werewolves who spend as much of their time hiding their conditions from their colleagues and acquaintances as they do hoisting lights for concerts. They are also lovers who aren't closed to taking on a new partner or two.

Grant is the moody one whereas Sam is the more lighthearted one. These two men compliment each other very well. Readers have asked me who inspired both of these men and I'm here to tell you about all that.

I had actor Hugh Jackman in mind when I created Grant's look. Jackman's stance as Wolverine also played a big hand in Grant's animal magnetism. Grant Newsome is one very intense man you don't want to cross, yet at the same time he's a virago in bed.

I had a more sleek and boyish look in mind for Sam Hightower. In the book, Sam has long, blonde hair, much like Orlando Bloom's look as Legolas Greenleaf in the "Lord Of The Rings" movies. Long hair is pretty standard when it comes to male stagehands. I've seen men with long hair more beautiful than a woman's tresses. You should see the jealous looks! Sam's body, face, and general attitude are based on Jared Padalecki, best known for his role as Sam Winchester on the T. V. show "Supernatural". He's muscular but taller and slimmer than Grant. 

These two men give other men and women a real run for their money. Whether enjoying each other's body's alone or inviting a partner into their circle, Sam and Grant enjoy plenty of sexual pleasure. Plus they're good friends. In many ways their relationships with their lovers are "friends with benefits". They are very relaxed in their sexuality and those around them can't help but feel the same way when in their presence.

If you'd like to read more about Grant and Sam, feel free to pick up "Feral Heat". Once you finish "Feral Heat", you will want to read the sequel, "Filthy Leuker: Feral Heat 2". Then there is the free read, "Explicit Encounters", which includes my free short story "Fluff The Master". That is yet another story in Grant and Sam's universe.

So enjoy the pictures and enjoy the book. Remember - a lucky winner will get a free copy of "Feral Heat" so don't forget to leave a comment and your email address. Good luck!


  1. Hugh is a fave of mine as well. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Grant and Sam sound wonderful. Sounds like a great series.

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  3. Wow ... what great inspirations you have there. I love Hugh as Wolverine.

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  4. Oh, yeah, Hugh Jackman. Thank you VERY much for those pics.

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  5. Love your inspirations....sounds like a great read! Will definitely add to my TBR list!!!

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  6. This one sounds like a great series. Love the inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Gosh, I do love Hugh Jackman. I lost my heart to him especially when he went all Wolverine. And then to find out he can sing!!!! And that accent!!! In love with him. Thanks so much!!

  8. Jared Padalecki and Hugh Jackman are so hot!

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