Friday, May 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #2 - Feral Heat

This is my second Six Sentence Sunday. Below are six sentences from my erotic romance werewolf novel Feral Heat. This book has been named the April Book Of The Month at Sinclair Books. Buy it and find out why!

What if he had stayed in the Stag's Head instead, enjoying stein after stein of Pils? What if things had been different? Even the smallest change could have affected his future. His buddy Heinrich had gotten up five minutes late that morning, so he had to work an extra half hour before leaving for the night. And if Heinrich had not forgotten his wallet, he would not have had to run back to his work station to pick it up, making him even later. If Heinrich had not been late getting to the Stag's Head Inn, he would have arrived in time to see Grant getting up to leave, and he would have convinced Grant to stay rather than go for a short walk in the Schwarzwald where Grant had run into the werewolf.

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Feral Heat is my paranormal erotic werewolf romance novel. I'm going to soon begin working on the sequel. Also keep an eye out for my free short story based on this novel, including my two main characters Sam Hightower and Grant Newman. It's coming soon from Romance Divine!


  1. Very nice girl - loved it! Can't wait to read.

  2. Thanks, Cass! Glad you liked it. ;)

  3. He must be in a pretty dark place to be regretting that hard. Intriguing six!

  4. Thanks, Vivien, Carolyn, and Marie. Yes, he's in a pretty dark place, but that's the way Grant is. His partner Sam lightens him up a lot.

  5. Love those proverbial what-ifs Lizzie- great 6
    Dawne P

  6. Ooooh. Black Forest creepy. Nothing like hindsight when something goes wrong. Really, really wrong.

  7. The German words really add flavor to these six sentences: pils, Schwarzwald, Heinrich. There's no doubt about where they are. Good job.