Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tuesday's Tales - A Scavenger Hunt For Love

Welcome to Tuesday's Tale, free reads for all to enjoy. I've been away for a very long time but now I'm back with Eric and his sweetie's latest adventure. This week's prompt is "letter". What does he have up his sleeve this time?

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I woke up just after dawn to find Eric was not in bed. Curious, I got up and put on my kimono.

"Eric?" I called. No answer.

I figured he was in the bathroom doing crosswords on the toilet so I headed there.

No Eric.

I used the bathroom and then wandered about the house looking for him. Where could he be at 7 am on a Saturday morning? He wasn't called in to work. Maybe he was at his computer playing World Of Warcraft, but when I looked he wasn't there. So where was he?

I followed the delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee into the kitchen to find a red envelope leaning against the French press. Curious, I opened it. There was a letter inside. It read as follows:

My love,

Pour yourself a cup of joe and head to your computer. A surprise awaits. :)

Your true love,


Now I really wanted to know what trick he had up his sleeve this time. Knowing Eric, it would be fun. Might even be sexy. So I walked to my computer, eager to see what awaited me.

I found a pink carnation in a vase and another red envelope leaning against it. The letter inside read as follows:


I see you know how to follow instructions. Bring your coffee with you into the garden. Another surprise awaits you.

Your huggy bear,


Ah, so he was sending me on a scavenger hunt. I love scavenger hunts. I picked up the carnation and walked with coffee in hand to the garden. Good thing I wore my kimono because it was a tad chilly outside.

To my surprise, Eric was not in the garden. I saw a huge bouquet of pink and red carnations in a vase on our favorite table beneath a weeping olive tree. That was our outdoor place to hang out. Resting against the vase was yet another red envelope. The letter inside read as follows:


Good! You aren't bored yet. :) Enjoy the flowers. Come back into the house and go to the bedroom. Your final surprise awaits.

Your Cookie Pie,


I brought the carnations inside and sat them on the kitchen table. I didn't want the local wildlife to eat them or knock them over. Our cat Lucky jumped on the table, sniffed the flowers, and then wandered away, bored. The other three cats sat in a fur pile on the couch, staring at me, wondering why I was wandering about the house in the dead of morning.

I walked to the bedroom to find Eric sitting in bed beneath the blankets, holding a small package wrapped in red paper. He must have wrapped it himself since every corner was geometrically perfect. He was CDO that way. He prefers to call it CDO rather than OCD because he prefers the letters be in the correct order.

"How did you like your little adventure?" Eric asked, with a huge smile on his face.

"It woke me up. I love the flowers. Thank you." I finished my coffee and sat the mug on a dresser.

He held out the package. "Now, for your final surprise."

I took it from him and ripped off the paper. On the box was a picture of a rabbit vibrator.

"Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes. I wouldn't be so cruel as to use a box with a sex toy on the front and stick a cucumber inside it.'

I opened the box and pulled out a crimson vibe nearly a foot long. I weighed its heft in my hand.

"It's heavy. I couldn't possibly wield it on my own."

Eric pulled the blankets aside, inviting me in. "Then let me help you with it. But first – one more surprise." He picked up a sheet of paper from the dresser. "Take a look. I hope you like it."

I read the paper, not sure what I was looking at. "Is this a receipt for a stay in a hotel?"

"It sure is. Next weekend. A short little get-away. For fun." He grinned. "We can check out all the brew pubs in the area."

"You are wonderful!" I said as I tossed off my kimono. I placed the paper back on the dresser, and then crawled into bed beside him. "We need a vacation. I bet we'll see the leaves turning. It's that time of year."

"Yes, it is. And thank you. Now let's figure out how to use that vibe." He giggled.

We enjoyed the rest of the morning in bed doing things with that rabbit I had only dreamt about. What a great way to spend a Saturday.


  1. What a fun and sexy piece, Lizzie! Put a smile on my face. Well done.

  2. Glad you liked it, Sarah. There's more to come, too.

  3. Welcome back :-) I loved the scavenger hunt.