Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Music To Screw By

I originally posted this at the Naughty Nights Press web site, but I've decided to expand it here.

I've been thinking about music lately, especially since reading about the most relaxing song ever recorded. The article includes a list of ten songs deemed to be most relaxing. It wasn't a scientific study since it was conducted by a bubble bath and shower gel company, but it was interesting nonetheless. Enya made the list. I'm not surprised in the least.

So that made me wonder about songs appropriate to listen to when writing certain types of scenes. These songs could inspire me in my writing. My list of songs and the scenes they'd influence are below. How about you? Do you listen to music as you write? If you do, what do you listen to?

"You've Lost That Loving Feeling" - The Righteous Brothers

Yup, they broke up. I has a sad.

 "Fuck You" - Cee Lo Green

She left him for a wealthy man. Bitch.

   "I'm An Asshole" - Dennis Leary

Her jerk ex shows up on the scene to make trouble for her and her new love.

 "Hey Pretty" - Poe

My characters are flirting like mad and eager to get out of the pub and hit the bedroom. The passion in the air is so palpable you can ignite it.

"The Principles Of Lust" - Enigma

My characters are hot and bothered and getting it on! They're so full of lust they make little squeaky kitten noises as they knock boots.

"Sledgehammer" - Peter Gabriel

It's two hours later and my characters are still going at it. :)

"Truly Madly Deeply" - Savage Garden

My characters are so much in love they break out in dance for no reason, accompanied by an invisible orchestra.

"At Last" - Etta James

Walking down the aisle, she's in her glowing white dress, and he's trembling in his boots - with joy!

And now, more songs!

He's being an idiot. A real wander. She's reduced to tears by the way he's been treating her lately, but she's no shrinking violet. He'd better shape up, or he's history. This is an opportunity for growth.

It doesn't matter what he's done or hasn't done. Everyone will think he's a serial killer. 

The moment at the dance right before her true love discovers her sitting on a bench dressed in chiffon with daisies in her hair, alone and sad.

Relaxing at the beach in the warmth of the sun, her true love by her side. Life is good.

Same couple, lying on their backs, counting clouds.

Okay, enough Blank & Jones. (I like Blank & Jones. So sue me. LOL) Now for some other music.

I can't speak a word of German, but this is great screwing music.

This love theme is so beautiful it gives me goose bumps. The movie is good, too. The entire soundtrack is amazing. 

Okay, that's more than enough music to tide you over for an hour or two. Writers, what music inspires your characters and scenes? And readers, do you like to listen to music as you read? If you do, what kind?

All that music made me want to dance. Now I must end on the Happy Dancing Cat image. Meow! Until later. 

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