Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Blog Tour - Welcome L. C. Hu

And a Succubus at the Kissing Booth

Happy nearly-Halloween everyone!  Thanks to Elizabeth Black for having me by! 

Halloween's one of my favorite holidays for many, many reasons. You might say I was born under a Halloween star.  This year, my Halloween treat is the release of The Midnight Carnival: One Night Only, a collection of thirteen interrelated short stories that follow one night--Halloween--at the strange carnival. 

The Midnight Carnival turns up in small, haunted towns all over the country, and its staff are more than they seem at first glance.  With a demon manning security, vampires, ghosts, and psychics on the midway, and faeries and werewolves under the big top, you never know what you'll get when you visit--or if you'll be able to leave at all.

So, to kick off the holiday fun, I'm interviewing the resident kissing booth girl and cambion Crhel.  (Thank you to Ashley Garst for relaying Crhel's answers!)

Hello Crhel!  That's an interesting name you've got there!  How exactly DO you pronounce it?

You just say it? Crhel. CRHEL. Why is that so hard for everyone? CRRRRHEELLL. Crhel. Crhel? It's a pretty name, I hate how all you humans mess it up.

And you're a cambion, right?  Half-succubus, half-human.  Who were your parents? Where did you spend more time when you were growing up, in the human world, or the demonic one? 

I don't know who my mother was -- some human. But my daddy is Asmodeus, a prince of Hell. Which kind of makes me a princess, I guess? I grew up in Hell. This is my first time in the human world. It's OK, I guess. The Oreos are good, though.

You run the kissing booth.  What's the best kiss you've gotten there?  The worst kiss?

The best kiss I've gotten is from my human, Rylee. Don't tell him I called him a human, he doesn't like that. He wants me to call him my boyfriend, but isn't that kind of the same thing? The worst kiss was from this one guy who used way too much tongue. It was more like slobbering all over my face. Ew.

As a cambion, what's working the kissing booth like?  An endless line of say, cheetos all lined up for your snacking pleasure? A neverending tease? 

It's nice when I have a healthy diet. It's kind of like... Rylee took me to the grocery store once and they have people standing around holding out these little trays with things with little sticks through them that he told me were tooth picks but I don't like them because you can't eat them but anyway, it's kind of like that. I get to nibble on people and see how good they would taste if I had more than just a kiss.

So you were recently introduced to Halloween--something these good folks'll get to read about in  One Night Only!.  Are there any Halloween-like celebrations you grew up with? 

No, we don't have many holidays in Hell. Before I came up here, I thought being in Hell was great, and now? Well, being in Hell is still great, but there are still some neat things about the human world too. Like candy! Candy is the best. I don't know why you keep it all just for one day. Halloween should be every  day. Just like Oreos should be every day.

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

I like Oreos?


This Halloween, Crhel is one of the many stars of The Midnight Carnival: One Night Only.  To learn more about The Midnight Carnival: One Night Only, visit maddocsoflit.com or find L.C. Hu at elsiewho.wordpress.com!

The Wicked, Weird and Whimsical Words Halloween Blog Tour runs every other day October 23-October 31.  Join us all five days for Halloween fun!  Be sure to say hello on any post to be entered in a giveaway at the end of the tour! 

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