Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Blog Tour - Welcome Justine Graykin

Good lord, what am I doing here?

This place is dark and scary, filled with strange creatures.  I feel like Brad and Janet wandering haplessly into the Frankenfurter’s castle.  Like I walked into a Jen Pelland reading when I was looking for Vonnie Winslow Crist.

You see, I write warm, uplifting, anti-dystopian stories which range from the gentle and whimsical to the soaringly idealistic.  I infuse my work with a sense of humor, and I prefer to leave my characters discreetly at the bedroom door, averting my gaze from their intimacies with a slight blush.  I don’t write erotica, and I certainly don’t write horror. 

No, wait, that’s not quite true.  Once I wrote a story called “Chimera.”

It was about Morgan Kaiser-Caine.  They—and I don’t use the pronoun simply to be genderless; Morgan is indeed two people in one body—has a medical condition called tetragametic chimerism.  Twins fused in the womb, united into a single body.  Test the DNA from a drop of blood, and you would find one.  Analyze a sample of liver cells, you would find the other.  Two beings occupying the same space, two minds occupying the same brain, awash in the same chemicals, understanding the same things, the cells of one intimately pressed up against the cells of the other in perfect cooperative harmony.

In Morgan’s case the two persons are male and female.  The result is an exquisite hermaphrodite.  Unique in that, unlike most hermaphrodites, both sets of sexual organs coexist, fully functional.  A divine freak.  Beautiful, brilliant, eloquent, and united against a world which has relegated them to the role of sideshow spectacle and scientific curiosity.  They need allies.  Not merely to survive, but to overcome.  Because they have deduced that they are the next enormous step in evolution, the ultimate resolution to the battle of the sexes.  They are the progenitors of a race that shall replace monosexual beings.

By force if necessary.

This is not just a horror story because of the beautiful monster at its center, but because Morgan makes a such a good case for themselves.  Logical.  It is difficult to dispute the elegant efficiency of an organism which can exploit the advantages of sexual reproduction while dispensing with its drawbacks.  Chillingly Nietzschean.

And, oh the erotic possibilities, particularly to the bisexual professor who becomes fascinated by Morgan and is seduced by them.

But what would Morgan care for true love when they already have each other?

Also, unlike most of my other stories, this one does not end on a positive, uplifting note.  The story squats among my other published works, grinning diabolically, Halloween among my holidays.  Honestly, I don’t know what possessed me.

But if you are curious, you can find a link to it on my website at  And now, as honored as I am to be a guest here, I really must be going.  This place is quite charming, I’m sure, but more than a bit unsettling.

Justine Graykin is a writer and free-lance philosopher sustained by her deep, abiding faith in Science, Humanity and the belief that humor is the best anti-gravity device. Author of Archimedes Nesselrode, a book written for adults who are weary of adult books, she is producer of the BroadPod podcast.   She lives, writes and putters around her home in rural New Hampshire, occasionally disappearing into the White Mountains with a backpack.  Find her at

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