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Fantastic 4 Star Review For "Climbing Her Tower"

Four Stars!

Climbing Her Tower is an erotic twist to the fairy tale Rapunzel. I sure love a good fairy tale and this hot and steamy tale doesn’t disappoint.

 Rapunzel has never known life outside her tower. She has never felt the company of a human being other than Mother, and she has never been in close contact with a man - until Prince Richard of Norwich climbs into her tower one dark night and sweeps her off her feet. Prince Richard introduces Rapunzel to erotic pleasures beyond her wildest dreams, and she wants more! In order to make her both his wife and his sex slave, Prince Richard needs to spirit her away from that tower, but Mother stands in his way. Prince Richard and Rapunzel begin a tantalizing and dangerous adventure in order to be together as one. And "let down your hair" takes on an entirely new meaning in their fevered embraces.
Rapunzel’s been trapped in her tower for twenty two years. Her scary mother refuses to let her leave. She dreams about being able to leave her tower, but she has nowhere to go and no one to go to. Rapunzel gazes out the window, dreaming. She sees a centaur and looking at his fine form and lovely flanks, she feels and unfamiliar feeling, making her squirm inside. When he comes closer, she realizes it is a man on a horse, a fine looking man that makes her feel flushed.

Prince Richard has seen Rapunzel from the distance. He is ruler of Norwich where Rapunzel resides in her tower. When he hears her sing he is captivated. He hears how her mother gets in and gets in the same way, Rapunzel letting down her hair not knowing it is not her mother.

Rapunzel has had no dealings with men, only what her mother has read to her in books. The thought of him taking her like the gods do in books, excites her. Prince Richard cannot believe how beautiful Rapunzel is. She is pure and innocent and goes up in flames when he touches her. She lets him touch her any way he wants, instantly does anything he says. She is naturally submissive to this kinky dominant Prince. Her enjoyment of everything he shows her and does to her binds Prince Richard to Rapunzel. He is as obsessed with her as she is with him. On one visit he tells her that her mother is not her mother but actually a witch. In the days between his visits when she is alone, she masturbates as he has taught her. Her mood swings between his visits makes the witch suspicious. Then the witch catches them!

Climbing Her Tower had more than just Rapunzel squirming! Hot and delicious Prince Richard is a dream. A bit kinky, but that just makes him more interesting. The picture I had of Rapunzel as she was described bit by bit over the course of the tale had me laughing. Maybe that was just my own odd ball view. Prince Richard seemed to love everything about her. I enjoyed every bit of this except one small section. Prince Richard becomes a submissive to Cinderella’s Fairy God-Mother (I’m sure there is a story there!). It just seemed superfluous and totally out of character and seemed to have no real context to the rest of the book. But it was still a hot scene! Climbing Her Tower was loads of fun and if you follow every erotic fairy tale you come across like I do, you are in for a treat.

[Beverly at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews:]

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