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Fairy Tales Are All The Rage!

Fairy tales are very hot right now. The American television shows "Once Upon A Time" and "Grimm" are big hits. "Beauty and the Beast" is the latest fairy tale to grace the small screen. For kicks, I write fan fiction based on "Once Upon A Time". If you'd like to read it, here's my profile with links to the free stories:

I have started a series of erotic retellings of fairy tales. My very first fiction ever published was an erotic retelling of Cinderella. It was entitled "Happily Ever After" and it was about Cinderella's miserable life after the fancy wedding. Suffice to say her fairy tale dreams didn't come true, and she attracted the attention of a magical sex coach to set her on the right path. This coach was no frumpy fairy godmother! I plan to rework that story and self-publish it as a stand-alone. I also wrote a short story entitled "Fountain Of Youth" based on a Japanese fairy tale by the same name. And finally, I wrote "Purr", a short erotic retelling of Puss In Boots. This story covers only a portion of the fairy tale - the business with the ogre. That story is my most popular to date, more proof that fairy tales are a hot ticket at the moment.

Puss In Boots has always been one of my favorite fairy tales because I love cats. I wanted one when I was a kid but was never allowed to have one. The closest I came to having a cat were my hamsters and my salmonella turtle. Not exactly the cuddliest of creatures. "Purr" is more of an exercise in creating a cat-based character and "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" explores a similar character and her life in much more depth.

Cats are fascinating. After all, as Terry Pratchett aptly observed, cats were once revered as gods and they never forgot that fact. Cats have a sauntering walk and a spring in their step. Most of them are graceful although I've known a few clumsy cats. They had four left paws. They can be vicious killers one second and delightful purr boxes the next. The nature of cats and my own observations of their behavior influenced my characters Muca (from "Purr") and Tita (from "Trouble In Thigh High Boots"). These two shapeshifting women are alluring, sexy, and cunning. They shift from cat to woman and back again when the situation demands it. They are independent and don't take kindly to being tied down. They don't like water. They are confident. They suffer neither fools nor threats. I've always wanted to take the most fascinating qualities of a cat and transform them into a shapeshifting character. Hence, "Purr" and "Trouble In Thigh High Boots".  Both the short story and the novella are great reads. I hope you enjoy them.

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The alluring puss in boots Muca aspired for her master to become the richest and most respected man in the land, but her job was cut out for her. Could she convince the local farmers to trust in her against the vicious ogre who ruled the region?

The success of "Purr" is what prompted me to write two novella-length fairy tales; one based on Rapunzel and another complete version of Puss In Boots. "Climbing Her Tower" is my erotic version of Rapunzel, and "Trouble In Thigh High Boots" is my erotic version of Puss In Boots.

Here are buy links, a blurb, and an excerpt from "Trouble In Thigh High Boots".

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Tita is a Puss In Boots with a little something extra. Being a magical creature, she shifts from a kitty into the form of an alluring, ginger-haired woman when the situation demands it. And what a situation she finds herself in! Her new master Dylan is a poor man who needs a boost in the world. Sly Tita uses her seductive wiles to pass him off to the villagers and the king as the Marquis of Carabas in order to help both of them gain their fortunes. Her plan is not without its problems. Dylan's malicious brother, Zane, lusts after Tita, and he wants her all to himself, but she refuses to succumb to his treachery. Being a cat first and foremost, she purrs in the arms of her many lovers but her heart belongs to only one man - the king. She hopes that in ensuring Dylan his lofty place in the world the king finds a place in his heart for her. Her life becomes an erotic adventure in reaching her goals.
Her stiletto heels clicked on the hardwood floor, attracting the king's attention. When he turned toward her, her heart nearly stopped at the unabashed thrilled look on his face when he set eyes on her. She sniffed the air and smelled castile soap and fragrant oil of rosemary. If I didn't know better, I'd think he expected me. Maybe his knights told him I was on my way.
"Ah, cat, you have returned! How delightful!" The king's jolly laugh boomed around the high-ceilinged room. "My sister told me she saw you on the road. Your rabbits were absolutely delicious. I saved a morsel in case you returned."
She smiled and batted her lashes at him. Stop it! You're acting like a peckish school girl with a bad crush! "You are too kind, Your Highness. Before I accept your gracious offer of food, might I offer you another present from the Marquis of Carabas?"
"Another present? Your Marquis is quite impressive. First, the fattest rabbits I've seen in these parts in a long time, and now more gifts! Yes, please, do show me what you have to offer."
Oh, I'll show you much more than you expect, sire. She lifted her knapsack and prepared to open it, but hesitated. The king looked dejected.
"What's wrong?"
"I want this gift to be a special surprise for you, sire, but I can't have you looking at me when I give it to you."
"Well, what shall we do then?"
"I had an idea." She opened the knapsack a tiny bit, reached inside, and pulled out a silk blindfold. "How about we play a game?"
He clapped his hands. "I love games! Cat, you are quite the adventuress!"
Little do you know… "I do my best, Your Highness." She held the blindfold between her claws. "May I approach you and slip this over your eyes, sire?"
"Of course you may."
"You trust me?"
"Why shouldn't I?"
"How do you know I won't shield your eyes and then slit your throat?"
"Because there's something special about you, cat. I can't put my finger on it, but you are very intriguing. I'm willing to trust you with my life."
Her heart melted at his words, and she took great pride in feeling his affection even though he had not yet seen her in her human form. What would he think of her once he saw her long legs, full breasts, and thick tawny hair? Would he ravish her when he felt the warmth from her heart and tasted the sweetness of her breath? How would he react to the tenderness she longed to give him?
When would he remember her, if he remembered her at all? She had never spoken to him or shifted in front of him when she lived in the castle. Her heart ached with love and memories of his tender caresses and playful roughhousing. If only he recalled her!
She walked to him as he sat in his favorite chair, and then she leapt onto his lap. He ran his fingers through her long fur without thinking twice about it, as many humans did when accosted by a cat, although certainly not most. She had met her share of men and women who beat her and threw pans of water at her. Zane's face flashed into her mind. When would she see him again? Tita knew he would make another appearance soon, aware of his cruelty and greed. She shook her head and quickly shoved his memory away. She would not allow him room in her head to ruin her time with the king.
Thankfully, her king was not cruel. She purred with pleasure as he scratched her behind her ears. Ooooh, he found my most sensitive sweet spot! I can't stand it! Let me at him! In a fit of arousal, she rubbed her mouth against his hand, leaving her scent on his skin.
She stared into his deep blue eyes and paused before lifting her blindfold. I wonder if he can see into my soul when he gazes into my eyes. One look will show him a world he's never before seen. She gazed at him, wishing he could read her mind, to sense the love she felt for him.
"You have lovely eyes, cat. The color of a deep sea – quiet on the surface, but I suspect there is quite a bit of turmoil in those depths." He ran one hand over her back, stroking her length until she arched in response. "Your eyes are very human. Long-lashed and expressive. Are you enchanted?"
"In a way, sire, yes I am. But I'm not cursed. I can give you what you need."
"And what might that be?"
"Let me show you." She slipped the blindfold over his eyes and waited for him to sit back and relax. When his breathing eased, she curled into his lap, placing both paws on his shoulders. "Don't be afraid. And whatever you do, don't remove the blindfold. I'm about to give you my surprise."
As her body lengthened and stretched, she stroked his hair. Paws elongated into palms and fingers and she scratched his scalp with her long nails. He moaned and curled his head into her embrace, but as her furry body grew into curvy feminine form, he backed away with a gasp of alarm.
"Please don't be afraid," she whispered in a deep, mellow voice that sang in his ear. "I won't hurt you." She guided his hands from his sides to her bare hips. "Touch me. Feel me."

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