Monday, June 25, 2012

Sex Toy Review: Charisma Tryst

My little Charisma Tryst, from California Exotics is the perfect travel companion. This delightful vibrator is made of soft ABS material, so it's skin-safe for my use and enjoyment. The tip is curved so it hits my G-spot perfectly. The ribbed shaft gives me extra stimulation as it massages my lips and vagina.

I like all ten speed, vibration, and pulsation patterns, especially the steady purr and the fast tapping. To turn the vibe off I just press on the button at the base, hold it down for a moment, and the vibrations cease. This vibrator is very easy to use. Pop in one AAA battery and it's ready to please me!

Best of all, it's perfect for travel. It's tiny - only about three inches long. I travel to writer's conventions often and I like to go out of town for mini-vacations. I can't take a huge, honking vibrator with me. Imagine the looks I'll get from TSA if an agent pulls a foot-long purple glitter dildo out of my luggage. Ha! So this vibrator, which doesn't even look much like a vibrator, is perfect for me. I put it in a side pocket and it slips through check-in as easily as it slips inside me.

This is a very pretty and compact vibrator. It comes in pink or black, and I have the pink one. The silver band around the base gives it a classy look. This powerful and quiet vibrator is perfect for my bed stand or for my suitcase when I travel.

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