Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great Review Of "Like A Moth To A Flame" From "Partner Swap"

Great customer review of my story "Like A Moth To A Flame", which appears in the Xcite Books anthology "Partner Swap". This review covers the entire book but the reader loved my story. w00t!!

"This book is full of many good stories. For example the wonderful story by Elizabeth Black, Like a Moth to a Flame, where the Mistress is not all she seems. In Courtney James\' Quay Party, one beautiful lady is struggling to keep up with Jacque. And do I want to see that one tattoo on the two stunning ladies? I loved this idea created by Giselle Renade. I would also loved to have seen the old dress recalled by two old friends as well as the activities that then ensued by the new couple; This was a lovely story by Viva Jones. And then not forgetting, Alive by Clarice Clique, a story full of substance that it is far more than just erotic prose.

What is the biggest compliment to this collection is the regret felt when each of the stories ended. I do hope one day we see the next chapter of Like a Moth to a Flame, hint hint, Elizabeth Black?"

[Below is a UK link to Xcite Books. Here is an Amazon link for the U. S.]

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