Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #18 - Filthy Leuker (Coming In December)

This is my eighteenth Six Sentence Sunday. The six sentences are from Filthy Leuker, the latest in my Feral Heat erotic bisexual werewolf series. This novella will be released in early December. 
"Sorry, luv, you're a day late and a dollar short. We've already had him," that sultry and husky feminine voice jarred him from his daydream. Charlotte stood before him with her arms akimbo, hip thrust outward, giving him a cheeky grin. Dressed in tight black jeans and a tighter black tank top that squeezed together her huge breasts, she twisted her bee-stung lips in an amused grin that she once again bested him in the fucking department. "His name's Leuker Pearce and he's a stallion in bed."
"I'd love to pierce him." 
Feral Heat (novella) and Fluff The Master (short story) are part of this series. Filthy Leuker also includes my bisexual characters Lina and Charlotte from my short erotic story Neighbors, published in the Vamps anthology by Torquere Press. You may find information about these three works in my links at the top of this web site. Feral Heat has its own link. The other two are in my Short Stories and Free Stories categories.  Feral Heat is for sale (and I recommend you read that one first) and Fluff The Master is a free read! Yes, you read that right. FREE READ! . These books make ideal Christmas gifts. 


  1. Wow, nice six, Elizabeth. Bested him in that...department, very intriguing. Love it.

  2. I liked the play on words and the sexiness of the characters in those six sentences. Well done, Elizabeth. :)