Monday, November 14, 2011

My New Series Based On "Feral Heat"

Have you read my novella Feral Heat, which is about the lives and antics of Sam Hightower and Grant Newsome, two bisexual werewolves? Those two work as lighting technicians for stage plays. That book has always been my best seller. Since many people have written to me telling me how much they like Sam and Grant I've decided to write more stories that include those two characters. The first story appears in the bookExplicit Encounters published by Romance Divine. It's called Fluff The Master, and it's a FREE READ! Yes, you read that right. FREE! So pick up your copy today. You may find it at AllRomanceeBooks. You may also e-mail me at trishcwilson AT comcast DOT net and I will give you a PDF copy of the book.

AllRomanceeBooks – Explicit Encounters – Contains Fluff The Master.

Here's my Feral Heat page on my web site. It has everything you need: buy links, excerpt, blurb, reviews, and cover.

In Fluff The Master, it's Sam's birthday and he and Grant take on a new lover. The problem Sam has is that he shifts into werewolf form when he becomes aroused. Not only is that embarrassing, it's dangerous.

Here are two excerpts from Fluff The Master for your reading pleasure. This short story is a FREE READ with other short stories by Romance Divine authors in the book Explicit Encounters. So pick up your copy today.


Grant laughed. "That's the whole idea."

"What idea?" Sam asked.

"This one." He grabbed Sam by the collar of his t-shirt and pulled him close. His kiss tasted of beer and the chocolate chip cookies he snacked on in place of a healthy lunch.I have to remind him to cut down on the junk food. Sam wrapped one arm around Grant's back and squeezed him tightly in an amorous embrace. Tongues meeting and mingling, he lost himself in a heady and exciting kiss. Arousal tingled at his mouth and traveled down his chest to slam into his groin. In seconds he was hard. He shifted in the seat to make room for his growing erection.


"Oh, my God, that feels good! It's so cold!"

"It's the lube. We store it in the cooler in the summer. Makes anal much more fun. It's like getting impaled with an icicle."

Sam grasped Trent by his hips and thrust his cock in and out, in a steady beat of movement, neither too fast nor too slow. As his arousal overcame him, he felt his skin once again thicken and pulsate. Muscles in his legs grew, hair lengthened and coarsened. He felt his beating heart enlarge in his chest as his torso expanded. Be careful… Don't let it go too far or you won't be able to control it. And then Trent's life will be in danger.

His jaws popped. Vision brightened as his eyes adjusted to the darkened theater, changing into their feral night vision. He glanced at the box seat and saw the shadow move closer to the edge of the balcony. A handsome face with vintage features stared at the triad that moved in and out of each other's bodies with such passion and grace. Sam smiled and shook his head. Not tonight, Hugh. Four's a crowd. The stage and house brightened in his gaze, not unlike seeing the darkened theater through infrared lenses. Sam scratched Trent's back with his lengthening claws, wanting to caress like a breeze but also wanting to rend flesh to get to the bloody meat beneath. I need to come fast or I'll hurt him.


  1. thanks for the heads up on the book of free reads. both excerpts are HAWT and can't wait to read it!

  2. Thanks for the free read and for the excerpts from Fluff the Master. HOT!!! HOT!!!! HOT!!!
    Love it.

  3. books4me, enjoy FLUFF THE MASTER. I hope you like it.

  4. Hey, Nay Nay! Thank you. :) I hope you enjoy the book and my short story.

  5. that is great ook and would love to read the full book

  6. Hi, Desi. Just pick it up at AllRomanceEBooks. And enjoy the free read. :)