Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Review For "Women On The Edge Of Space"

I got a great review from Coffee Beans and Love Scenes for my science fiction story published by Circlet Press for Women On The Edge Of Space! (Scroll down to find info on the antho.) My story is "Unfolding Her Wings". The reviewer had this to say about the anthology (highlighting my emphasis): 
"The book is an anthology with eclectic authors like Elizabeth Black, Laurel Waterford, Shanna Germain, Cecilia Tan and Danielle Bodnar. These five women lose themselves in this collection of short novels. The dialogue of Black and Tan are priceless as well as their writing styles. While sci-fi isn't my normal genre, I thought I would try it as I am an erotic author myself and love the genre. The romances that all five women have are on the lighter side (vanilla) of erotic but very well written and the endings to every story had me craving more. Aside from not being able to understand the space lingo and circumstances, I was impressed and MUST commend these women for going where no woman has gone before. (Sorry for the bad pun there, couldn't help myself.) If the reader is not a fan of sci-fi and can set aside the outer space and sci-fi lingo, I recommend these shorts for ALL lovers of romance." 
I was praised in the same breath as Circlet owner and fab writer Cecilia Tan! Plus Black and Tan is one of my favorite beers. Heh heh. This review made my day. ;)

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