Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Call Me Baby - Remembering the 1980s

I added a separate page for Don't Call Me Baby at the top of this web site. I'll update it as more information pours in.

I blogged about Don't Call Me Baby and the 1980s at the Sensual 'N' Secret blog. Here's the link:

Don't Call Me Baby - Remembering the 1980s - Sensual 'N' Secret

Here are a few things I remember about the '80s. More at the article.
Video Killed The Radio Star (I saw this vid the first time it aired) 
LP turntables
AIDS - and Ronald Reagan refusing to even acknowledge its existence.
The space shuttle Challenger explosion
Sally Ride - the first female American astronaut in space


  1. I remember the shuttle explosion. I cried.

  2. I remember being on the phone with someone from work when his secretary handed him a note saying the space shuttle just exploded. Neither of us believed it and we somehow managed to find television sets to verify what happened. I remember being too much in shock to cry.