Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Guest Blogger - Will Darcy

Welcome Will Darcy to my blog today! You may find him at his web site, Mending Pens Remarkably Well, and at his Facebook page. Enjoy!


You remember, don't you?

The routine. It's like a bad soap opera storyline now isn't it?

Home from work. Chores. Chat. Chow.

Then, the bedroom.

Night, nudity, under the covers.

Then, what's next?

In a perfect world, you would be amazing, your partner would be amazing, every single time.
In reality, we aren't always satisfied, and it's okay.

It's okay to know that our partners aren't mind readers. It's okay to learn how to communicate intimately.

After all, isn't that why we read erotica?

We slide into the life of the characters, and from cover to cover we are under the covers with the hero or heroine. We are rolling in the sheets with every word, description, and image.

I read erotica, and I am adept at erotic hypnosis. I've been hypnotizing for about a decade now, releasing inhibitions and leading women to be more orgasmic.

Just like a novel, I stimulate the imagination. I take your imagination, and with your permission, I shape and mold it into that which you've longed for, for so long erotically.

So, if your partner is drifting into a routine; if the sexual chemistry between you two is AWOL, then dive into a good erotic romance.

Just allow the words to weave their web of wantonness around your mind now, stroking and stimulating you to new ideas for the bedroom.

Or living room. Or kitchen.

Or. . . 

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