Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Guest Blogger: Diana Perrine

Welcome guest blogger, Diana Perrine, erotic romance author.

Getting Started . . .

Since this is my first guest blog, I suppose introductions are in order. My name is Diana Perrine and I write erotic fiction sprinkled with truth. Which is which? Wouldn't you love to know, Darling.                                                                                                                          
I didn't actually choose to write erotic fiction, more like I was challengedactually I was double-dog dared to write it. And as we all know, you can never back down from a double-dog dare.

A few years ago, a very scintillating trilogy was released. Henceforth, I shall refer to the trilogy as 'Those Books'. 'Those Books' dealt with a rather taboo topic. Everyone was talking about 'Those Books'. They flew off of the shelves. Love 'em or hate 'em; you know which books I'm talking about.

Even if you don't want to admit it, you've probably at least glanced at them. It's okay, you don't have to be coy with me Darling, I've read them too. A co-worker brought 'Those Books' into the office to share. We took turns plowing through the first, then the second, and finally the third of 'Those Books'. Wow!

'Those Books' had sex. Lots of sex, and not just explicit sex but rough sex. Freaky sex. Daring sex. Kinky sex.

Until I had read 'Those Books', I considered such topics as fodder for comedy sketches and CSI episodes. It's not like I didn't know these things existed, however those sort of behaviors were for deviants. Right? I knew that 'normal' sex included more than just the missionary position in the darkit encompassed a wide variety of positions with the lights on, lingerie, and even some whipped cream once in a while. But it certainly didn't involve pain.

Sure, there is always the occasional problem of zigging versus zagging or those charlie horses that never get mentioned in romance novels... but spanking? Why would anyone want a spanking? I never liked them much as a child, I didn't suppose I would much like one as an adult either, especially not with a riding crop.

As much as I wanted to dismiss that lifestyle with a snicker, I couldn't help but wonder if people who enjoy, shall we say, a spicier flavor of ice cream, knew something that I didn't. Perhaps that is why 'Those books' were so popular, they awakened people, married women in particular, to the possibilities of variety, otherwise known as kink. And a new genre was born: mommy porn.

'Those Books' sold faster than proverbial hotcakes. While the topic was alluring, in my estimation, the quality of the writing left much to be desired. (I'm not the only one who holds that opinion.) As I bitterly complained my way through all three, my husband, Dodge, offered the following challenge: "If you don't like the writing, write a story like that, only better." Perhaps he had grown weary of my whining, or more likely, he sensed an opportunity to help with 'research'.

I hemmed and hawed. Me? Writing erotica? Was I even qualified? After a few incredibly revealing tete a tete's, a lot of exploration and a bit of hands-on research ;-), I figured out why 'Those Books' were so appealing.

Average people don't have dungeons in their homes, and helicopters on their roofs. While they are not, generally speaking, prudes, they may not have opened their minds to what variety is available. The most important legacy of 'Those Books', is they got people talking about sex, experimenting with sex and educating themselves about sex. When I finally realized this, I discovered what I wanted to say in my writing; I wanted to explore the process of how ordinary people season their sex-lives.

It all begins with a conversation, much like the ones Dodge and I had. In my first story, Sugar and Spice, Pepper and Austin, a happily married couple, break out of their comfort zone. Their conversation and adventures continue in And Everything Nice where they learn the importance of communication instead of just assuming they know what the other partner wants.

Many people dismiss the value of erotica in literature, but these stories can have a positive impact, because they get us talking to each other. We may not always agree on what is sexy, but if we can overcome our squeamishness and start talking about sex and all its flavors openly, we might just discover amazing new levels of intimacy.

The Pepper and Austin Adventures are available as ebook for download on Amazon.
Sugar and Spice,                                            ...and Everything Nice

For those with kinkier tastes, check out Perfect Submission and the soon to be released Perfect Domination also available on Amazon. My upcoming novel, Summer Sojourn is due out mid 2016.

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