Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tuesday's Tales - Champagne, Pine, And A Present

Welcome to Tuesday's Tales. This week's story is based on a picture prompt - pictured above. Champagne, pine, and a present. I'm limited to 300 words.

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Peppermint and pine scent

Candles lighting up the room.

Eric and I



Under the Christmas tree

New Year's Eve

The two of us alone, by a roaring fire.

Drinking wassail.

Surrounded by gifts of love and thoughtfulness.

He steals a kiss.

I steal a nuzzle.

Promises of adventure and affection in 2015.

No resolutions.

Only a desire to live life to the fullest.

Let's make a toast.


  1. Love this, especially the wassail, kiss, and nuzzle! Great way to start a year.

  2. How sweet and lovely. Great thumbnail of a holiday celebration. Sending hugs.

  3. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. I really appreciate them. :)

  4. This is the perfect picture to write a poem to. I love poetry and I write poetry too. Beautiful written.

  5. lovely. Great use of the prompt.