Monday, September 8, 2014

Where Are The Readers?

A writer friend of mine recently contacted me to wonder about a Yahoo group that rejected her post. It was a group for erotic romance so she didn't understand why she was rejected. Turns out the post had been in moderation status for 14 days, which is the maximum period of time for a group moderator to validate a post. The moderator didn't do that for whatever reason and her post didn't make it to the group.

I moderate two groups on Yahoo groups, or at least I used to since I don't use Yahoo groups anymore. Ever since Yahoo changed its format for posting my posts no longer go through. I tried to post during a scheduled posting day in Love Romances Café's group but none of my three posts went up. Maybe Yahoo doesn't like Safari. Doesn't matter. I gave up on Yahoo groups.

Does anyone out there still use Yahoo groups? I don't think there are any readers there anymore. Nothing but authors spamming the groups with promo posts. What a waste of time! Where have the readers gone? My guesses are as follows:

Book blogs

What do you think? Where are the readers?


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