Monday, June 3, 2013

Tuesday's Tales - That's The Spirit!

Welcome to this week's Tuesday's Tale! This week's word prompt is "train". Eric and his sweetie are back, and he's getting the two of them into even more trouble! For a change, Eric's antics are upstaged by something out of his control. What could that be? Read the story and find out!

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We missed the train, and Eric wanted to stay in a lovely bed and breakfast. He forgot to tell me the place was haunted.

We stood shivering at the Salem, Massachusetts outdoor train depot. The storm bore down on us, and I wasn't looking forward to it. The sky had already darkened so much it was like the middle of the night.

"We're going to get drenched." Eric whined. "Want to stay at a B&B tonight instead of going home? I don't want to wait for the next train. And I'm hungry. Let's get something to eat."

Eric was as impatient as a child. Why couldn't he wait?

"The next train is only a half hour away. We're under a canopy. We won't get wet." I said.

"It's already started raining, and it's supposed to turn into a thunderstorm. Look! Lightning! Did you see that?" He pointed towards Salem proper. The wind picked up, tossing my hair about my head. Warm air chilled. I saw the flash of light in the sky, and realized I didn't want to stay at the outdoor station any more than he did.

I relented, against my better judgment. We should have waited for the train. I had no idea Eric was about to get us into even more trouble!

"I know exactly where to go. Follow me. The place is only two blocks away." He raced ahead of me, trying to beat the rain. I followed as best as I could, although my feet and legs hurt trying to keep up with him. We made it through the door of a small stone inn the moment the downpour fell. The sign out front read "Cyrus Blackburn Bed And Breakfast".

I recognized it. It was recently covered on "Ghost Hunters".

"You're taking me to a haunted B&B"? I hissed, hoping the landlady who approached us didn't hear me.  "Are you out of your mind? I'm not staying here!"

"I thought you didn't believe in that sort of thing," he said.

"I don't, but that doesn't mean I won't get the willies. You saw the show. A demon lives in the basement! And a screaming woman haunts Room Two! Let's head back to the train station. We can make it in time for the next one. I want to sleep in my own, warm bed tonight."

"Oh, come on. This will be fun! We might even meet a ghost."

"No thanks."

"Too late. We won't get to the station in time for the next train, anyway. I know your little legs can't run that fast."

I smirked, resigned to my fate. "I'll get back at you for this. I'll kill you in your sleep."

He grinned, just pleased as all get-out with himself. "You won't be sorry. We'll have a blast." He turned to the landlady. "Do you have any rooms available? We're caught in the rain and want to stay here for the night. Missed our train."

"Yes, we have rooms available. King or double beds?" The landlady asked.

"King, of course. We're married. We don't live in sin." Eric winked and grinned, an infectious expression that caused the landlady to laugh. "Not that we don't want to."

I couldn't believe he said that! "Behave yourself!" I exclaimed.

"It's quite alright, Miss. How about a room on the second floor? King sized bed with a small table in a nook overlooking the garden in the rear." The landlady walked to her registration desk and pulled out a key. This was a regular brass key, not one of those key cards you see in hotels. Very old school.

I realized I was hungry and tired, and the place was lovely; cozy in that English Murder Mystery kind of way. I fully expected to drink a snifter of brandy over a body in the parlor.

"That sounds good." I said as Eric pulled out his credit card and signed the room over to us. "Are there any restaurants around here that deliver? I don't feel like walking in that deluge." The rain pounded on the house, drowning out all other sound.

"Of course," the landlady said, and she handed me several brochures. "There are Chinese, Italian, and pizza restaurants nearby that deliver. There's even an Ethiopian restaurant two blocks away."

"Chinese sounds good," I gave Eric a look that said we were eating Chinese over any objections on his part. It was the least he could do for getting us trapped in Salem overnight, even if the B&B was picture postcard pretty.

We followed the landlady to our room, and I was stunned to see it was Room Two.

Oh, no, the screaming woman! I didn't want to admit I was scared silly because I'd look foolish. Besides, nothing could possibly happen. Ghosts weren't real!

Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

Despite the spooky vibe, the room was exactly how I pictured it would be - spacious and decorated in Victorian splendor with a Delft blue theme. Within an hour I enjoyed my crab Rangoon with General Tso's chicken, and Eric ate spring rolls with shrimp lo mein. After we ate, I faded fast. It was only 8 pm but it was very dark and dank outside. Once upon a midnight dreary...

"Let's test the bed," Eric said as he stripped. Within moments he stood naked before me. I sat before him, not budging. "Why aren't you taking your clothes off? We can have a little fun, you know. Hint, hint." He winked at me, clearly oblivious to my obvious distress.

"I'm not undressing. There's a ghost in this room!"

"Oh, come on. You know this place isn't really haunted. It's just what they tell tourists to sell rooms. Hauntings are all the rage these days, especially haunted inns and B&Bs. Nothing's going to happen. Besides, I'll protect you." He took me by the hands, stood me up, and lifted my t-shirt over my head. "I'll take your mind off the ghoulies and ghosties. You'll have so much fun you won't even think about them."

Within moments we were beneath those plush sheets and I was surprised to see I was feeling a bit frisky. The idea of a ghost spying on us turned me on, even if the ghost was likely to scream at us. Eric lay on top of me, one arm wrapped around me and the other between my legs, fingers thrumming my pussy. I heated up very quickly, and he was hard and ready to go. Did Eric ever rest? The man walked around with an endless hard-on, and he enjoyed tormenting me with it. Not that I didn't get off on it myself.

Soon he thrust inside me, keeping time with a clock that ticked on a fireplace mantelpiece. I closed my eyes and lost myself in his embrace. He was right - a stay at a B&B was a good idea. As he worked his magic on me, the bed rocked back and forth, creaking loudly, the brass headboard banging against the wall. I listened to sounds coming from the adjacent room - chattering, laughing, and glasses tinkling. Someone held a party next door.

"Shhh, don't rock the bed so much. Those people will hear us." I whispered.

"Let them! Maybe they'll offer us some booze."

"You're so bad. I don't want perfect strangers knowing we're getting it on. Keep it down!"

"Darlin', nothing on me is going down any time soon, except on you!" He laughed and dived between my legs, spreading my thighs apart as he buried his head in my bush. I couldn't help myself - I laughed so loudly I startled myself. Chattering in the next room momentarily ceased, and then a chorus of cheers roared. Embarrassed, I giggled into the pillow.

How were we going to face all those people at breakfast in the morning?

I enjoyed more than a few orgasms that night, in part knowing we had a captive audience next door. I knew how much Eric got off on attracting attention during his numerous trysts, so he had a blast as well. The storm roared throughout the night. Lightning flashed, illuminating the windows. Tree branches brushed against the glass as they were tossed in a torrential wind. With each flash of light shadows flickered in the corners, taking on frightening shapes that unnerved me. The crowd in the adjacent room laughed and cheered with each round of thunder. I was tempted to walk next door and ask for a night cap, but I didn't know those people, and to party crash would have been rude. A party during a thunderstorm sounded like great fun.

When I awakened the next morning to clear, sunny skies and the sound of birdsong, I felt refreshed and famished. I wondered what the landlady would serve for breakfast?

I also wondered when we'd meet the people in the room next door, and if they'd give us knowing looks at the dining room table. I blushed at the thought.

The dining room was laid out with all manner of breakfast goodies - homemade muffins, scrambled eggs, savory sausages, a big plate full of bacon, homemade hash browns, English muffins and bagels with butter and jams. Our choice of coffee or tea and orange juice or cranberry juice. My mouth watered at the sight. I was so glad Eric suggested staying here. The place was beautiful, the service delightful, the atmosphere electric, and the food looked simply scrumptious.

And no ghosts, screaming or otherwise.

We were the first to come down for breakfast. It was only 8 am, but I expected our next door neighbors to roll in any second. The landlady came out and poured our coffee for us. She said she served both coffee and tea since she had guests from around the world, and some drank tea. Americans liked their coffee.

"Have the people in Room Three come down yet? I heard them in their room last night." I said.

"There is no one in Room Three," the landlady said. "The two of you stayed here alone last night. There are no other guests in the B&B."

I sat, stunned, holding the coffee cup motionless before my face.

"But I heard a party going on it the room next to us." I said.

The landlady's eyebrows shot upward. "What time did you hear the party?"

"About ten or eleven o'clock," Eric said. "No one was here last night? Really?"

"Yes. I can explain what you heard though. It's rather exciting. Most people don't experience the Room Three haunting."

"Room Three haunting?" I dreaded her explanation.

"Back in 1912 the original owners held a party in this house, and the man who stayed in that room strangled his wife to death after having a few guests in the room for a late-night get-together that got out of hand. People who stay in the room experience nothing, but those in Rooms Two and Four sometimes hear a party going on in that room. We haven't had a Room Three experience in about ten years."

"The Room Three story wasn't covered on 'Ghost Hunters'," Eric said.

"We didn't tell the team the story of our B&B. They picked up on a few things, but they got no vibes from Room Three. I wasn't surprised. As I said, it's been a decade since anything happened in there." She smiled. "I hope your stay wasn't unpleasant. Despite the hauntings, our guests have always enjoyed their time here."

"I had a wonderful time!" Eric said as he sprinkled pepper on his eggs. "We had an audience last night. That was thrilling."

Not wanting Eric to explain why we had an audience, I spoke quickly so he couldn't continue. "We did hear a party, and the guests sort of responded to us. It's creepy, I must admit. Wow, my first ghostly experience. I'll have to tell our friends about this."

"I hope you come back someday, and that you weren't freaked out too much," the landlady said.

I must admit I did enjoy our stay, and for once Eric's sexual peccadillos weren't the highlight of the evening. We booked the same room for our wedding anniversary, which was a few weeks away on the first day of summer. I looked forward to doing a little ghost hunting in the dead of night myself!


  1. Haha!! I love this! They got cheered on by ghosts!

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  4. Sarah, you know you've made an impression if you've been cheered on by ghosts. :)

  5. Iris, I stayed in a haunted B&B a few times, and that's what inspired the story. Fun place, too. :) Yup, this will inspire another TT tale. Eric and his sweetie return to the B&B!

  6. Thanks. V. L.! I had a blast writing it.

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  9. Thanks, Jillian! Haunted rooms are fun. :)

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  13. I'm so glad you liked it, Tricia. Eric and his sweetie will be back. I'm looking forward to their new adventure in there. :)