When The Veil Is Thin

When The Veil Is Thin
Paranormal Erotic Romantic Fantasy
Publisher: House Of Erotica



Angelica Preston is in for the ride of her life. With the help of a little magic, she meets the man of her dreams - literally. Antonio is the main character in her latest romance novel, but she makes passionate love to him in her dreams. He tells her she can make him a flesh-and-blood lover only if she follows explicit instructions. She has three days to achieve her goal. Does she do as she is told, or does she need to be punished for not following through? Time is running out. How will Angelica win Antonio in the end?


Angelica Preston stood in front of her mailbox, bills and junk mail in hand, and saw that old Mrs. Buckland's Full Wolf Moon Magik of New Orleans catalog was once again in her slot. For some reason the mail carrier stuck her neighbor's mail in her box on occasion. Curious, she leafed through the pages and found a sex magik spell that came with its own red candle of a wax penis. Instructions told her to light the candle, anoint it with Lords of Lust oil, and recite Deuteronomy 23:1, which read "If a man's testicles are crushed or his penis is cut off, he may not be admitted to the assembly of the LORD." The spell was Triple Strength! Guaranteed! and it cost $25.00 plus tax.

Great. Just what she needed. A wax dick to attract a decent man. The last man to sweep her off her feet swept out of her life when he left her for another women. Stung by Jake's rejection, she lost herself in her romance fiction. She had published a few short stories but now she worked on a novella where she created her dream lover, a massive and hard man named Antonio who swept away her heroine on a cloud of romance and eroticism so intense Angelica needed to tend to her own needs when she finished writing a chapter. Antonio became so real to her she smelled his musky scent in her bed. She felt his arms around her at night when she cried herself to sleep, and heard his footsteps in her living room, but upon searching for him discovered she was alone in her apartment.

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