Feral Heat

ATTENTION: UPDATE - Feral Heat is now the first book in a series. These books so far, in order, are Feral Heat (novella), Fluff The Master (free short story), and Filthy Leuker (novella - coming in December). For more information - including where you can pick up that free read - go to this link on my blog.


Publisher: Romance Divine
Release Date: 27 Nov 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934446-72-0
Author: Elizabeth Black
Format: E-Book
Length: 22,571 words
Genre: Romance
Category: Erotic, Werewolf, Gay, Paranormal, Multiple-Partner, Threesome

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Price: $4.99

What People Are Saying About "Feral Heat":

"...a real pleasure to read... the menage of both werewolf and mortal brings some steam to the pages of this novella, and this is one read I would highly recommend to readers of romance, erotica, GLBT, and anyone who is looking for something to sizzle their kindles or computers up for a while." - Kelly Shrewsbury, Itmann Books Examiner

"...Feral Heat is well worth diving into for readers who like werewolf romance stories with a seductive and furry edge. I was entertained and quite happy to get to know Grant and Sam and even Grant’s pet dog was sort of cute in a loopy way. There’s a lot to like in this book and I’m certainly glad I read it." - Xeranthemum, Long and Short Reviews, Whipped Cream


Grant and Sam were more than lovers; they shared a special secret. They also shared Grant’s roommate, Amelia, who was beginning to get suspicious about the two hunky males who disappeared every month. The sexy trio was not without their crises: Grant and Sam had a curse that continued to dog them, and Amelia’s soon-to-be ex had a bite that was as bad as his bark. It’s a howlin’ sexy time when author Elizabeth Black turns up the – Feral Heat.


Amelia Scott was not a dog person. As a cat lover, she could not understand the appeal of mutts, especially large, lumbering, slobbering mutts that couldn't contain their excitement over the littlest things. While she enjoyed admiring Grant's lush body from afar, he came with a companion and she barely stomached Rasputin. Why couldn't he own a toy poodle for Christ's sake? Rasputin even towered over her ten year old son.

Grant was such a luscious piece of eye candy that she could forgive him for owning the most annoying dog in the world so she let it slide. Maybe she'd eventually get used to Rasputin, although she doubted it. Her ex-husband's parents owned three incredibly large dogs that were about as dumb as a bag of hammers. The German Shepherd mutt mix, the idiot Golden Retriever and the dumbest of them all – the Black Lab – often barked their heads off at rabbits that tormented them by sitting just on the other side of the fence where the mutts couldn't get to them. Those rabbits laughed at the dogs, knowing they were as safe as could be, yet those dogs yapped and barked for hours on end, desperately hoping to find a way past that fence to get an early dinner. It never happened.

Rasputin wasn't much better. She took in Rasputin because she needed Grant's money, and because she knew that having a hot, sexy man in the house was well worth the aggravation of Canis Doofus.

"Thanks for the wine. I'm sorry Rasputin lunged at you like that. It's only because he likes you, but that's no excuse. How can I make it up to you?"

As she admired Grant's sexy, well-formed chest, she dared to suggest something just this side of illicit, at least for her, and handed him a sea sponge.

"You can wash my back. That's a good start."

"Your wish is my command."

As he leaned over her, she smelled his musky scent mixed with a spicy cologne. He squeezed water from the sponge onto her back and then rubbed the sponge into her skin. If only her ex could see her now! Here she sat, alone and naked, in a tub full of bubbles with a hot, sexy man pouring water over her back. If her ex knew what she was doing he would probably sue her again.

She admired Grant's luscious torso and then she spied scratch marks on his shoulder. These weren't shallow scratches he got from moving boxes and bumping into furniture in his delightfully clumsy way. No, these scratches burned an ugly red on his tanned skin, deep enough to be painful but not deep enough to require stitches. Not noticing them before she wondered where they came from and if they hurt. Taking a chance, she reached out one wet hand and pressed her palm against his warm skin over the scratches. Damn, he felt good! All those muscles rippling on his shoulders and chest, and here I sit naked with him tending to me. This is too good to be true.

"How did you get those scratches? They look painful."

"They sting a little but they're not that bad. I got them when I was hiking in Dogtown yesterday."

"Haven't you been listening to the news lately? Aren't you afraid of running into those wild wolves?"

"I'm not afraid of them. You know Rasputin is part wolf, right? He's half Russian Wolfhound and half wolf. That's why he gets worked up all the time. Hyper mutt, isn't he?"

"What about those wolves, though? They've been killing the wild turkeys in the area and I hear they've even mauled some pets. I think you should keep Rasputin in the house at night and stay out of Dogtown."

Dogtown was a copse of forest about ten miles wide that hikers and mountain bikers loved to visit for some healthy recreation. Ever since the wolf sightings had started three months ago, the authorities told locals to stay out of the area because it was too risky. Isolated and densely packed, if Grant were attacked by a wolf in Dogtown he would be stranded there, unable to get medical help unless a hiker or mountain biker stumbled upon him. Amelia didn't want him to take a chance of ending up hurt by hiking in Dogtown with a wolf sighting in effect for the area.